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With the forklift “go-between” technology king

From the Zhuhai Gree Co., Ltd. forklift workers Cao Xiangyun, in the ordinary post on the dry is 15 years. In order to improve the forklift operation technology, he trained the “forklift open bottle” “forklift needle thread” and other unique skills, can use the fork to open the beer cap without damage to the bottle. Diligent study hard practice, let Cao Xiangyun became a high school diploma forklift expert, he won the national forklift champion, also refresh the forklift skills Guinness Book of World Records.

Text map: Nanfang Daily reporter Wang Jianqiang from Zhuhai

From “reversing king” to “forklift king”

In 2002, when the 20-year-old Cao Xiangyun came from Hunan to Zhuhai, was carrying a dream to go out to work in the crowd of ordinary people. Graduated from high school, because the academic qualifications are not high, and no technology “near the body”, into the community of Cao Xiangyun looking for work around the wall. It took two months to find a porter’s job at Gree.

“Porters are very bitter tired, but I was particularly hard.” Cao Xiangyun recalls, then the finished product warehouse or a row of very short metal room, the sun a roast inside like a steamer in general. A group of air-conditioning products have more than 60 units, but Cao Xiangyun always breath finished, moved a group down, sweat towel twist out of the sweat crashed flow, one day down, 30 pounds of bottled water can drink half.

The first day of get off work, Cao Xiangyun’s shoulder on the left side of the two large blisters of eggs, worn after a sweat, so that he felt pain to hurt. For some time, the left shoulder rotten for the right shoulder, right shoulder rotten and then for the left shoulder, two shoulders abruptly grinding into the “iron shoulder”, Cao Xiangyun has become the eyes of the workers “desperate Saburo.”

Experienced after the hard work of the goods, Cao Xiangyun began to envy the company’s forklift drivers: “They sit in the car operating lift arm, you can easily put a Taiwan air conditioning placed neatly, I often think that if I can also open the forklift that nice!

Since then, Cao Xiangyun a leisurely to observe how the master driving, back to the staff quarters, but also often holding the bench gestures, pondering the driving action. In the effort, Cao Xiangyun finally wait until the opportunity to apply to the company after the test forklift driver’s license, the company immediately agreed and arranged for his training.

After more than a month of theory and practice, in May 2003, he passed the exam, got the dream forklift driving license, as a forklift driver. But the car is easy to drive difficult, and now the “forklift king”, was once a “reversing king.”

“More than a decade later, I still remember the first time to open the forklift situation, I do not know how to engage in the forklift to my hands, not obedient, the old master is driving a straight line, my forklift is like a drink The wine can not stand, the wheels straight to fight, especially the air conditioning loading operations, fork down, air conditioning down the car everywhere, but also broke a lot, watching the workers busy to take the air conditioning Repair, and my heart is very guilty. “Cao Xiangyun said.

In the eyes of Cao Xiangyun, the forklift’s work is ordinary, but the ordinary work is not as ordinary people think that, so easy to do. How can I get a good forklift?

High school diploma of his, since the Cheng is a “not smart people”, only hard to fill the clumsy. So, after each homework, my colleagues have to rest, but he still stay in the car repeatedly practice, lift, start, stop, “forklift cab no air conditioning, every time I walked down the forklift, clothes all wet As if it had just been taken out of the water.

And therefore, Cao Xiangyun has no lunch break habits. “The fastest time, Cao Xiangyun can use 25 minutes to 250 sets of air conditioning to the container, the day down can be filled with 12 A container. With the rapid and sophisticated technology, soon after, he was on the forklift squad leader.

“We can not be a scientist, but can be a craftsman”

Today, Cao Xiangyun not only as the old master as the forklift firmly open into a “line”, but also in the monotonous repetition of the practice of the “forklift open bottle” unique skills.

Remember that one day, the factory suddenly suffered a power outage, loading and unloading operations were forced to stop for several hours. A leader panic to find Cao Xiangyun, asked him to immediately put six central air conditioning into the container. “If the batch of export air-conditioning customs delay time, the product can not be delivered on time, the company will lose tens of thousands of containers can be shipped from the delivery area of ​​a meter away from the lifting platform can not be used, forklift simply can not get “

Cao Xiangyun know the difficulty of this matter, but still a bite agreed. He put the forklift were put on two 10-meter-long fork, arranged two experienced porter, through the walkie-talkie at any time to report the air conditioning position, and he was on the forklift, careful operation. The results of all six air conditioners installed smoothly, the use of superb technology, Cao Xiangyun for the company to restore unnecessary economic losses.

Is also the matter, inspired Cao Xiangyun “let the technology more excellence” idea. How to further improve the accuracy of forklift operation? He came up with a practice method: take the forklift fork to open the beer bottle. At first glance, this is a bit weird, because the forklift operation, the intensity is difficult to grasp, want to successfully open the beer cap and can not damage the bottle, which requires a very high skill, the difficulty is naturally very high.

“However, if the training is successful, accurate delivery of goods, to ensure quality, absolutely great help.” So, Cao Xiangyun began to practice this “unique skills”, he spent half a month’s wages, bought 23 boxes of beer To practice. How many times do you know how to say, anyway, I do not give up, just insist on down until the When the bottle is 100% no damage, I finally succeeded!

With this hand “unique skills”, these years he repeatedly participated in the city above the forklift operation game, “as long as I will be able to win.” It is reported that Cao Xiangyun has driven the forklift in 3 minutes to successfully open the 30 caps, creating a Guinness Book of World Records.

From the entry into the Gree company as a forklift driver to work now, Cao Xiangyun 4 times to participate in the CCTV Channel “want to challenge you” program, three times to participate in CCTV Science and Education Channel and the National Federation of Trade Unions produced the “champion 360” forklift champion, to the national audience Own forklift skills, more twice won the national forklift champion laurel.

“Now my technology can reach the needle lead!” Speaking of forklift bottles of things, Cao Xiangyun proud to say that their “unique skills” in recent years has been a higher level, to use forklift fork to the small thread to wear “If we can not be a scientist in this life, but we can be a good craftsman!”

Cao Xiangyun said that the forklift gave him to achieve the awesome stage, “forklift forked my dream of life.” A few years ago, through the points assessment, Cao Xiangyun got the Zhuhai resident identity card. “There is a good relationship with my fellow villagers took my identity card for a long time, tears brush to flow, he said you have a home here! Put my eyes are red, yes ah, I am in Zhuhai I have a home in Guangdong. “

Driving workers to set off a “big practice”

In the Gree company for 15 years, Cao Xiangyun has become a worker among the “pacesetter”, his serious and hard work, so that many of his friends were impressed, but also benefited.

Forklift class vice president Xue Zhongle is Cao Xiangyun’s workers, is also very good friends. But Xue Zhongle said, even though is a good friend, Cao Xiangyun or often so hard to let him “do not come to Taiwan.” Forklift driver posts to line up, discipline deduction to tie tight, which is a discipline on the warehouse. Xue Zhongle said, at least twice, because there is no correction at the scene of individual workers queuing badly, he was on the spot Cao Xiangyun trained a red, and fined his section. But Xue Zhong said afterwards, Cao Xiangyun done right.

In the eyes of workers, Cao Xiangyun is a “desperate Saburo”, usually do not say anything, but the work is particularly interesting. Cao Xiangyun where the 703 warehouse was the main berth of loading and unloading air conditioning, then the working state is still very primitive, the staff is also very large, but everyone knows the name of Cao Xiangyun. “Because he is doing well, and always tireless,” Xue said.

Gree in the empty three plants in the corridor, there is a “learning Cao Xiangyun spirit, forklift unique skills” column. In the spirit of Cao Xiangyun inspired by the practice of “unique skills” as the main content of the post training activities in the company throughout the flowers. Now, “forklift open bottle” of the unique skills is no longer unique to Cao Xiangyun.

Gree company in the study of Cao Xiangyun practice “unique skills” training skills training, set five divisions, 17 games, the company’s various positions “unique skills” practice to conduct a comprehensive inspection and acceptance. Human resources for the characteristics of various departments, targeted to finalize the practice of “unique skills” of the project.

hand jack

In addition, at the job site, the reporter also noted that the field of forklift in addition to the traditional forklift forklift, there are ways to hold the forklift truck in the operation. According to reports, in order to improve labor efficiency, the company to listen to the proposed forklift, the use of cartons folder forklift cargo handling, the annual reduction of about 20,000 pieces of fork, a year to save costs about 300 million; also reduce staff input; Making the warehouse utilization increased by about 20%.

“Cao Xiangyun spirit” aroused the upsurge of the company’s labor skills show, even the Gree Electric CEO Dong Mingzhu also gave him a high degree of evaluation: “Our forklift hundreds of people, he was in this insignificant one person, But he sticks, he can do the ultimate, he himself pondering, take the forklift to take beer bottles, to go to the needle, this spirit is very rare.

Cao Xiangyun himself said: “monotonous, repeat, many people have so described my work, but, as long as the hearts of love this job, simply repeat the work done, the same can do wonderful.” For the future, Cao Xiangyun hope Continue to do their jobs, and constantly improve their technical level, and lead all the forklift drivers, practicing unique skills, “let the world fell in love with China made.”

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