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Will the forklift of the intelligent era come away?

Will the forklift disappear? As we talk about the phone after 5 years will disappear, you may not believe, but BB machine popular, you have thought it has no one today? Film is eliminated by digital imaging technology, you are not also deeply scientific and technological evolution of the subversive force. Will the forklift disappear? Such as the disappearance of the realization of the automation, intelligent material handling; must be 3D printing popular; must be virtual reality changed our way of life.

One, such as forklift disappeared, must be achieved automation, intelligent material handling.

Imagine, there is no ordinary forklift inside the factory, but the goods can be efficient handling, rely on what? Rely on the automation, intelligent material handling. Through the extensive application of intelligent three-dimensional shelves, shuttle boards, AGV, unmanned aerial vehicles and other equipment to achieve automation, intelligent, so that material handling easier and simpler.

The rapid development of modern logistics industry, coupled with the Internet of Things, machine vision, storage robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and other new technology applications, logistics and warehousing automation technology is rapidly changing, from the three-dimensional shelves, rail roadway stacking machine, Machine system, detection and reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring and management, etc., integrated automation control, automatic transmission, pre-field automatic sorting and automatic transmission within the field, through the goods automatically enter, manage and check the cargo information Software platform to achieve the physical movement of goods within the warehouse and information management automation and intelligence.

Such as forklift disappeared, automated, intelligent material handling can also greatly reduce storage and transportation costs, reduce labor intensity, improve warehouse space utilization.

Second, such as forklift disappeared, must be popular when the 3D print.

3D printing, also known as incremental manufacturing (Additivemanufacturing), is through the printer rather than processing all kinds of daily and industrial products. Why said that if the forklift disappeared, it must be popular when the 3D print. First of all, 3D printing without processing and installation links, can be molded into the original machine, fast, so there is no need for inventory. To introduce the world’s first 3D print car – Strady, the body is carbon fiber and plastic, the whole car only used 40 parts, the production cycle is only 44 hours, by electric energy, the maximum speed of up to 80 km per hour, Electric cost 3.5 hours, can travel about 100 km. Second, in the production of enterprises within the no longer need production lines, no longer need logistics and transportation.

There is no production line, no inventory of the 3D printing factory, the internal basically no logistics, there is no need for forklifts to carry out loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transport.

In addition, 3D printing lightweight and energy saving, green processing, through the digital manufacturing technology will greatly reduce the direct operation of the operating workers, compared to traditional manufacturing process, the use of 3D printing utilization close to 100%; 3D printing performance optimization, no manufacturing restrictions , Can print out the real optimization of the product shape and structure; 3D printing flexibility is very high, at any time as needed to change the design. In fact, this is not only print products, more importantly, it will create the product process is extremely simplified, consumers can even download the product from the Internet design, at home or to the local specialized 3D print center print out.

3D printing Although not yet subvert the traditional manufacturing industry, but this energy saving, environmental protection, easy access to products, will change the mode of operation of the industry chain. Logistics in the loading and unloading, handling, storage will be greatly reduced, and even basically do not need, it may also not take the forklift friends.

forklift fork

The world’s first 3D print car – Strady

Three, such as forklift disappeared, must be virtual reality changed our way of life

VirtualReality, referred to as VR, that is, virtual reality. Virtual reality or will change our economy, our living medium, become a new way of interacting with the world. Take a look at 2011 Italy Popai awarded the “Best Solution Award” shopping artifact: Italy INVRSION team for large retailers and consumer goods company designed a VR application: ShelfZone, is said to have an artificial intelligence Purchasing Guide, the whole Chat with you. In addition to provide users evaluation, friends recommend and other functions, and even test drive car. Virtual reality or will allow us to have a new shopping experience, can break through the space constraints, touch the texture of bags and clothes, try to try in the virtual space. In order to adapt to the new business model formed by “VR + E-commerce”, the logistics mode will change. In order to meet the demand of new logistics mode, the demand for processing speed, management efficiency and user experience will increase sharply, and the automated logistics warehousing system will adapt Emerging logistics approach to the best solution in the automated logistics warehousing system, the traditional forklift must be to the direction of automation and intelligent upgrade.

From the perspective of the development trend of virtual reality, the virtual reality of human-computer interaction performance will bring the development of human science and technology to a new ladder, for example, to provide a complete system view, so that developers, suppliers, manufacturers and users to The same way to virtual use of those items that do not yet exist, and according to its characteristics and functions to make a comprehensive assessment. CNHIndustrial, the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and construction machinery, is currently addressing the design flaws by using virtual reality technology to simulate tractors and industrial machinery that have not yet been put into production.

Virtual reality from the surface can not see how much the impact of the disappearance of the forklift, but the virtual reality will have an impact on the logistics will affect the future of digital factories, and enterprises outside the new logistics methods and digital plants within the enterprise will be material handling tools Made a higher demand, so that if the forklift disappeared, it must be virtual reality changed our way of life.

VR Application: ShelfZone

The first digital camera was invented in 1975 by Kodak because of Kodak’s concern that the volume of film sales has been affected, has not dared to develop the digital business, but the digital imaging technology on the impact of traditional imaging technology, Kodak in 2003 to choose from the traditional Video business to digital business transformation. Science and technology evolution trend is no one can stop, “smart everything” swept from it to subvert it is not just people’s lives.

Whether it is due to 3D printing, virtual reality and other new technologies to reduce the appearance of material handling, or automated, intelligent material handling to replace the traditional forklift handling caused by the forklift disappeared, better than the previous material handling, efficient, environmentally friendly And has a stronger adaptability, which are inevitable natural development law.

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