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The Historical Process and Prospect of Human Material Handling Diversity

Since the birth of human beings prostrate on the earth for survival and reproduction and running around. However, all the things related to human food and clothing, the resulting movement and handling, is the need to use external forces and tools to achieve. History shows that human development and migration tools are so close! So, we have to ask why human beings want to move and migrate? Why do you want to stop the delivery of goods? Why should we leave from the Great Rift Valley in the eastern part of the Black Africa and expand into every corner of the earth that can survive?

Survival and survival after the endless desire to produce!
Whether it is with the nature of mankind, or with the era of super-manpower of the hot weapons, are in its long history of the interpretation and surging, bringing thick and heavy, leaving indelible mark. This article reviews the history of people and materials being carried. Analysis of the status quo and prospects for the future, the material in the process of moving the diversity. Digging its historical process, clarify the relationship, analysis of the cause and effect of the ins and outs.

The last thing to note is that, as the most intelligent thing on this planet, millions of years, through their own evolution and performance, cultural power cutting, mountain closure, nine days of the moon, catchy turtle. Racking their minds to transform and not stop the innovation, in a very short period of time since the birth of the Earth has become the biggest overlord, far more than dinosaurs. And now it seems, is bound to because of its destruction of the living environment and damage to pay the price. So far away his ball, emigrated to outer space, or annihilation, as the solar system has long been extinct “Martian”, the other conform to the inevitable changes in the world of fruit.

First, the historical process
1, cold weapons era

The planet’s land area accounts for only 29.2% of the total area (150 million square kilometers), excluding the North and South Poles, Greenland and many other inaccessible glaciers, snow, desert and beach. According to statistics, the actual living area of ​​human beings is 124.5 million square kilometers. Almost all people live on the land all year round, set up for the basic necessities, need to move tools to make, need to power as a support. Here are the cold weapons era, how people work.

1, manpower

2 million years ago, humans and their ancestors like ape or Homo sapiens, the movement and handling of food, the first tool used is from their own on the ground. First hand, then the shoulders, but also with the head, and finally by moving the feet to achieve the required material handling and movement.

Manpower can also be used to manipulate the tools that people themselves create, such as boats, cars (wheelbarrows, tricycles, multi-wheelers), pulleys, discs, levers, knives and forks, bow and arrow, slingshot, plow and other tools to move and move objects, So as to obtain the necessities of life. Of course, there are chopsticks!
2, livestock

Livestock (cattle, horses, elephants, dogs, camels, reindeer, mules, etc.) can not only directly charge the material and become a mobile horse, but also with livestock to push sled, disc, vehicles and boats, etc., to move and move the material The Whether it is military or civilian, human beings from their hands, with domesticated livestock, to achieve the purpose of rapid handling of materials, is a huge step forward.
3, wind power

Human use of the wind, the earliest can be traced back to hundreds of years BC. And the most successful use, but it is my country. People use the wind to mention water, irrigation, grinding, Chung rice, to the Song Dynasty windmill application to the peak.
4, hydraulic

Because of gravity, the flow of water in our Tibetan areas, can drive the wheel. Can also drive the wheel disc to grind the grain. The earliest hydraulic machinery, can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty, the hydraulic application in the water, watering, processing of grain, gravel and pound pulp. And then to the Song Dynasty, the water can also be used to promote the piston blower, and even astronomical observation tools.
5, other

Know the million households? Yuan Ming and Ming dynasty inventor million households, in the era of cold weapons to the era of hot weapons forward, the use of 47 original rockets tied to a chair, want to send their own and sent to life. We, as a modern man, to pay tribute to the million!

Water and underwater
1, wind power
Man with the wind, the wind and the wind, leisurely leisurely straight to the horizon. Zheng He, Dagama, Columbus, thank the monsoon?

2, manpower
Water transport In addition to wind, in the cold weapons era, another tool is the human hand and feet. Fell into the water when the hands and feet can not only save their lives, but also to the water entertainment. The most important thing is that you can use to keep the oars. It is said that the sailors on Zheng He’s ship, in addition to the war, is to use the paddle to deal with the wind and water resistance. The purpose is that accurate water material handling can not only promote the emperor, but also can convey the Chinese civilization.
3, the power of animals
The ability of animals to load and carry in the water for a short time is not mentioned, but in fact can not be ignored. In the era of cold weapons, in addition to ships, some water swimming master, such as cormorants, otters and so on, for human food needs and provide underwater handling services. And modern warfare, it is said that some people special training dolphins, and even sharks to replace the frogs to perform military tasks.

1, birds

Have you heard the letter? Su Wu in the Baikal Lake Sheep when it passed the letter to Han Emperor, and ultimately to return. It is justified to communicate with modern pigeons. A very small number of birds can become a human assistant, as the most valuable of the most lightweight materials handling air tools.

2, airflow
Humans have long discovered and used hot air to complete the lightweight material handling. Kites and hole lights is the most direct way to reflect. In fact, birds discover and practice this phenomenon earlier than humans.

3, manpower
Human borrowing tools (archery, slingshot, throwing, etc.), through the muscle explosive force to complete the object in the air to throw a short throw to complete the displacement. To get food, create entertainment and enemies.

Witchcraft and qigong
Heard of witchcraft and qigong to move objects?
The earliest witchcraft appeared in the primitive society of the totem, the ancestors of the human beings who claimed to be supernatural capable of the godfather and ghosts, through meditation and ideas to achieve the so-called “across the mountains to fight cattle”, killing thousands of miles away, “through the wall” And the handling of objects, eventually proved to be old and enduring laugh and fool surgery. In China 80 years of qigong hot, many qigong master even fool high-level and technological elite, known to do anything they can not escape is a scam.
2, hot weapons era

Chinese invented the gunpowder, the human doing my part to pull into the hot weapons era. This is an epoch-making synthetic powder! Compared with the cold weapons, hot weapons do not need people to provide additional power. Although the first tool of the hot weapons era, the Chinese people first applied to expel the spirits to sacrifice ancestors, and then used for military. But in any case, military behavior can not escape the material handling to achieve the ultimate goal. The following excerpts and some of the tools are the most significant handling engines in the hot weapons era.
1, steam

Almost all people think that the steam engine was invented by the British watt. Quite right! The British first industrial revolution of all scientific and technological knowledge of the source, but with the Chinese people have a considerable relationship. For example, the Chinese people have provided the great four great inventions, for them to provide the first rise of Western civilization, the most in need of technical stimulants. The steam-powered all the transport tools (textile machines, cars, boats, etc.), from the 18th century began to rise, has been champion until the early 20th century to let the internal combustion engine.
2, petrochemical fuel

The internal combustion engine in the same, thanks to the Chinese invented the gunpowder. Originated in the Dutch physicist Huygens found that gunpowder in a limited space instantaneous explosion to promote the rapid displacement of material research, and finally because of gunpowder burning difficult to control without success. In 1794, the British Streit proposed and for the first time put forward the concept of fuel and air mixing. In 1833, the British Wright made a direct use of burning pressure to promote the design of the piston. At the end of the 19th century, the German inventor Otto gave up the patent for the four-stroke internal combustion engine, which led to the advent of the use of internal combustion engine as a dynamic material handling tool.
For example: cars (transport also transport), forklifts, aircraft, ships and so on.

3, the battery

The earliest and shaped batteries appeared in the early 20th century, used for lighting. After a few years, there have been traditional power as the driving force of man and material tools. And then, continue to appear in a variety of material handling machines, such as electric forklift. Now, for the battery to provide the energy to charge on the numerous. Petrochemical fuels, biofuels, nuclear energy, tides, water, solar and so on.
4, new energy

Above mentioned, not because of human conscience dictates, to promote the protection of the earth and actively take the initiative to find alternatives. The main reason is that human foolish discovery, excessive plundering of the Earth’s resources, the resulting will eventually dry up, such as petrochemical energy. Thus, in the 21st century, the new energy has become a very fashionable term. They include the following;
Fuel cells, lithium batteries, graphene batteries, water, tides, wind, solar, new generation of nuclear energy and so on.
5, robots

The reason to mention the robot, the robot alternative behavior of people to become a transport tool, not only the energy users, but also may be energy providers.
Above, regardless of the human, animal power, someone driving the machine produced by the move, need to personally go to surgeon. With the progress of science and technology in recent decades, especially in the early 21st century, the emergence of intelligent robots, and ultimately attributed to the human brain. The wisdom of the human brain is the release of geometric multiple, but also thanks to the liberation of human hands. And the liberation of those hands of those tools, just from the era of heat weapons, a variety of fuel was released and efficient work.
6,3D print?

Why do you want to talk about 3D printing here? Zhu Jun know that since ancient times, all human necessities, have to move through a variety of means of production, and then combination, design, and then become a product. Through the length of the displacement (logistics), and finally arrived in the hands of consumers. This is a fairly complicated process, magnificent logistics can be described as an epic.
The emergence of 3D printing, human beings in the future in accordance with the drawings to print their most needed products and objects. So it seems, 3D printing can be the end of the material handling? In fact, it is not only to shorten the material handling time, improve the efficiency of material movement and handling Bale.

7, other
Water and underwater

1, carrying a variety of power handling tools
Such as all kinds of boats. Whether it is manned, cargo, can not be separated from the material handling. Are all the logistics supply chain can not be a missing link.
2, submarine
3, other


1, the aircraft
2, rocket, spacecraft
3, other
Compared with the cold weapon era of air handling tools, hot weapons era is more diversified. Efficiency greatly improved! Data show that today’s global air cargo volume accounts for only about 0.5% of global trade in goods. Therefore, the full use of the following space under the stratosphere is a great opportunity and a challenge for mankind.

Witchcraft and qigong

As in the era of cold weapons, people fantasy witchcraft and qigong can come to serve mankind!
Even in the era of hot weapons, human beings are also keen on witchcraft, qigong, ideas and other supernatural ability to get control of people and things, has been a lingering topic. Facts are also proving that the supernatural phenomena of mankind itself are confined to rumors and are not scientifically proven. In any case, mankind, because of desire, first through its own original strength, and then by means of livestock and machinery to achieve the displacement of objects, and finally try to meditate or supernatural ability to achieve their dreams, often only drunk and deep sleep, or mental disorders The time to get full feedback.

1, spacecraft
2, remote unmanned handling tools
Human beings in the outer space to achieve long-distance handling, in fact, since the invention of gunpowder in China, thousands of years for human beings because of tireless exploration of the material handling of a feedback. In fact, mankind can control the machinery so far, only close to the edge of the solar system. Whether it is someone or no spacecraft, to achieve long-range unmanned, is an extremely complex and long history of scientific adventure, the need for generations to explore and sum up.

Second, look
1, the possibility of quantum transmission

pallet trolleys
2, the virtual implementation
Recently, the most popular scientific term is “gravitational wave”, Einstein in more than 100 years ago to elaborate this scientific phenomenon, and now has been confirmed by scientific instruments, with Hawking’s words, will open the human understanding of space a new revolution The
I think that any object, any thinking and particles, with the “sphere of influence” to explain may be more clear. For example, a tree of only ten meters high, in addition to gravity, there is no other external force, its “sphere of influence” is also limited to its measurements of the three-dimensional. Once there is a sign of trouble, such as the occurrence of hurricanes, it is possible that its sphere of influence to expand to thousands of kilometers away. Then, the two giant black holes collide, no matter what wave of energy and particles in the form of displacement, it will happen as the material handling of the same action, resulting in a “logistics.” Just, the size of the material being moved and the distance of the move are different!
Obviously, the quantum transmission of technical content than the 3D print countless orders of magnitude. We can be found in the mythical novels and science fiction, through the space tunnel, the object can appear in a moment on a planet hundreds of millions of kilometers away. 2013 Leicester University physics research group to explore quantum teleportation technology, the calculation shows that the completion of a “Star Trek” in the point-to-point quantum transmission takes 4500 trillion years! This is a long process.

So, fantasy can become a reality? At present, another hot topic – VR, that is, virtual reality, by the United States Lanier (Jaron Lanier) in the early 1980s put forward. Today, many consumer electronics, trying to achieve through the virtual reality of remote control, remote material handling, and even remote business negotiations.

Third, the material handling of precision and efficiency of the significance
In the era of cold weapons, almost few people can accurately measure and calculate the displacement and quantity of various materials, can now have this time to reach the precise measurement of fine particles. In the early days of mankind, people in order to survive the purpose, and then engaged in commercial trade, during which there is war to expand the living space. The damage to the environment is limited.

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