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The Enlightenment of Forklift Enterprises’ Overseas Construction to Industry

Global economy is the trend of world economic development, but also the environment facing Chinese enterprises, it has brought to the world a wide range of far-reaching impact. China to adapt to this trend and the world economy to board the world economy stage, which makes the Chinese enterprises not only to increase the opportunities to the international market while facing greater challenges.

In the context of economic globalization, Chinese enterprises only to adapt to the objective environment to actively enter the international market initiative to participate in international competition, to narrow the gap with the international advanced countries.

Recently, Lifting Mach. A S was held at the Darwin Industrial Park, Sanhe City, Cordoba, Argentina, and the 160 forklift celebration ceremony was held. Lifting Mach. AS is the first overseas factory of Liugong forklift, as far as we know, this is the second after the construction of the plant in Russia after the opening of the factory in Russia, another domestic brand in the overseas forklift factory, national brand forklift out of the country What is the factory’s inspiration for the industry?

First, the national brand forklift out of the country overseas factories have certain conditions
The initial stage of the internationalization of Chinese enterprises is the export of products, and overseas direct investment is the further development of the internationalization of enterprises. Chinese enterprises engaged in transnational business already have a certain advantage.

counterbalance forklift

1, the development of China’s forklift industry for the national brand forklift out of the country overseas factories laid the technical foundation. China’s national brand forklift after 60 years of precipitation and accumulation, from the 1953 source stage to the 1978 industry standard, the development stage, at this stage through the Mitsubishi forklift technology, TMC forklift technology introduction and absorption, forklift quality Has been generally promoted, during this period of technical management, quality management, standards development, academic research has greatly improved; from 2001 has entered a high-speed development stage, especially in recent years with the rapid development of Alibaba, Jingdong, such as the rise of foreign business giants, coupled with the new concept of foreign integration, China’s logistics industry in recent years is also evolving, it can be said that the development of modern logistics industry to promote the rise of Chinese forklifts, and the Chinese forklift is also the development of the logistics industry Providing a strong boost, so that forklift technology has also developed rapidly.

2, the Chinese forklift sales in the global forklift sales accounted for the export of the necessary conditions. China’s forklift has reached 134435 units in the first half of 2016, accounting for 22.8% of global sales. In the first half of 2016, the number of Chinese forklifts has reached 134435 units in the first half of 2016, according to the latest statistics from the World Federation of Industrial Vehicles. China’s forklift’s export shipments accounted for about 27% of total sales. The data show that the national brand forklift has the ability to go abroad.

3, the Chinese forklift to go abroad has its strong backing. China’s forklift business as many as more than 100, active in the industry about more than 60 Although in recent years, China’s forklift sales continued to fluctuate, there is a drop, but with the modern logistics information, standardization, automation and intelligent technology to enhance demand and green logistics, three-dimensional warehousing, e-commerce distribution upgrades, provided for the forklift Potential market demand, which compared with the overall decline in the overall trend of China’s construction machinery, the synthesis still seems to have great potential, so the construction machinery companies have entered the field of forklifts for the national brand forklift to provide a strong backdoor power.

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