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The Development of Lightweight Handling from Japan ‘s Comprehensive Logistics Exhibition

The exhibition focused on the development of the Japanese industrial technology and the development of intelligent logistics warehousing system, specialized new materials handling equipment and new technologies continue to emerge. In recent years, the diversification of the flow of goods and social labor costs continue to increase, which gives the logistics handling machinery to obtain rapid development space, to meet the 200 kg following the handling needs, resulting in light cargo handling needs, Handling. For the technical level and its commercial applications, the key to the development of lightweight, the use of technology to remodel the user experience. Therefore, in this exhibition, lightweight delivery of new equipment display attracted more business and user attention.

Japan Tokyo International Logistics Exhibition Exhibition site

So how does lightweight devices in the market? In April this year, the exhibition in Hannover, Germany, the emergence of a number of different areas of the handling equipment, carrying about 70 kilograms of micro-handling tools, both can be used in the family, can also be used for narrow site constraints, handling cargo Of the weight in the light, the use of this handling tool can be a good solution. The exhibition, from Japan’s local logistics handling enterprises and international logistics equipment manufacturers, in the layout of the entire logistics chain at the same time, focus on the development of lightweight equipment. From the development of the industry point of view, focusing on market segments, to the development of lightweight equipment, will get a broader market space.

For example, in the focus on innovation-oriented, and vigorously promote the technological innovation as the core, this exhibition will naturally nothing new products. According to Mr. He Jinhui, Chairman of China Power Co., Ltd., the latest handling products exhibited by Aijiang Industrial Co., Ltd. are the logistics equipment in line with international standards. The positioning benchmark is lightweight and conforms to the needs of customers. Ami industrial concentration online marketing, with a more convenient supply chain system to serve the global users.

Medium force light handling equipment

Zhongli Machinery is known for its technological innovation in international industry. He has won the German red dot design award. There are hundreds of practical patents in China, which originate from the international market, and its product series in the field of lightweight transportation is Big achievements, and continue to develop the market recognized by the small handling products

Ningbo wishful attention to customer experience, after 31 years of wind and rain journey focused on storage materials handling industry, “Xilin” brand in the overseas market by the high degree of concern. Its lightweight product input and development, as one of several major storage series.

This is a company from Japan, TMEH company developed self-help group logistics truck, which is characterized by free design, simple combination, can be freely combined into a trolley, storage cage and a variety of special models, for 200 kg of light goods handling To achieve the best match. Its products are an important part of lightweight handling, for the customization of the product is appropriate.

Protector folding truck from Korea, a mechanical lift truck caused by the attention of the reporter. This structure of the mechanical creativity to make logistics more simple. It is reported that this product is a patented product in China.

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Bishamon warehousing products, is Japan’s warehousing equipment well-known brands, the company founded in 1949, 2013 in Taiwan to set up factories. Japan Bishamon has a long history of development, the products involved in handling equipment, lifting platform, compressors, grinder, and other major areas, the products are exported around the world. In Japan and the national market have a high reputation. Its lightweight handling equipment involves a number of areas, with hundreds of varieties.

O.P.K in Tokyo, Japan Logistics Exhibition, “O.P.K” brand in Japan is the first brand, is also the only entry into the Chinese market professional sales of small logistics handling equipment of foreign-funded enterprises in the world also enjoy a certain degree of visibility. Has 60 years of history, is the world’s small handling machinery and equipment industry leader. Changzhou, China set up Changzhou gull Pikai handling Machinery Co., Ltd., in order to meet the needs of the Chinese market in China set up wholly-owned factories, the production of small handling machinery and equipment. Excellent performance of the product easy to use and other advantages of light. In the field of lightweight handling has played a catalytic role.

Japan’s three love into a commercial Co., Ltd., focus on special materials handling equipment research and development and production, the greatest degree of labor reduction. Lightweight handling equipment occupies a large proportion.

From the above display of the product is not difficult to see, in the global trend of energy-saving emission reduction, in addition to the development of new energy field of technology development, the development of vehicle lightweight technology may become the industry energy efficiency, efficiency is one of the important factors. In addition to Japan, including China and other light weight handling equipment and service concept is being integrated into the whole society. In addition to lightweight materials in the material, to seek a breakthrough in the structural design also requires clever appearance. Its diversity makes handling easier. In the field of lightweight handling equipment there are more technology and applications, waiting for your unlimited imagination. The expansion of the lightweight handling equipment market depends on the development of the logistics industry. The future, lightweight handling will usher in a vast market.

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