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Take the tide of Internet + to see the gorgeous turn of the industrial vehicle intelligent era

In the past two years, since the Industrial 4.0 (Made in China 2025) outline was put on the agenda, the level of industrial automation will move to a new level. In the increasingly scarce human resources today, the trend of machine substitutions more obvious advantages, coupled with national policy encouragement, along with the Internet + and other modern technology and system integration, in the industrial vehicle industry also set off a wave of intelligent handling Upgrade the tide. What are the smart upgrades for the forklift industry?

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“Intelligent fleet is mainly embodied in the intelligent management of logistics equipment, the maximum utilization of equipment, so that the intelligent operation of the logistics equipment, The product integration system into the enterprise management areas, so that linked with the enterprise benefits.With the AGV technology with the automation technology in the forklift industry to practice, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the equipment, increased security, reduce labor costs, Get more and more customer recognition.

In the smart forklift, AGV development will forklift handling to an automated peak. In the AGV industry, latent AGV and forklift AGV are one of two important types. The former is an early development of a class of mature products, in industrial lines, intelligent warehousing and other industries are widely used. At present, the relevant production enterprises are: new pine, Kunming ship, Jiateng, Oukai, the country since, Ai Jiwei, Jiashun intelligence, temporary workers have to provide related products, is one of the main product line. The latter is based on industrial vehicles or working principle of the extension of the automated industrial vehicles. In recent years the emergence of a lot of related businesses, Qingdao Haitong, Ke Jin, Section titanium, machine, and so on.

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