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Stone handling sector of the king

The work environment is complex, heavy stone material, as well as stone damage and safety protection of a high degree of high factors, making the stone handling work for the handling of tools must be harsh demands. Can be safe and secure and continuous operation in the complex harsh stone handling operating environment, efficient and effective HCF stone forklift, doing my part can not be described as the king of stone handling industry!

King of the Fan

Vehicle optimization design, complete headlight protection lampshade, wide vehicle interior maintenance space, clear pulse contour lines design. To adapt to the characteristics of stone processing space is small, the frame and balance weight narrow, turning radius is small, through the performance is good. Ergonomic design of the operation, more comfortable operating space, a broader field of operation, filling the strong beauty, strong winds.

narrow pallet truck

King of the power of the king

Especially forged mast, exclusive stone handling strength and stiffness, scientific increase in the number of rollers, creating a super bearing capacity, powerful impact resistance. To adapt to the use of stone handling requirements of the mast forward angle, with the fork-type fork and fork, strong, domineering struck. But also to specially configure the front tires, to further enhance the vehicle’s bearing capacity and wear. And thus up and down together, HCF King of the flag of the vertical and horizontal stone handling battlefield.

King of the heart

The use of low-speed high-torque engine, dedicated high load capacity steering axle and strong driving force of the drive axle, powerful, high torque reserve factor. Steering bridge and body connection at the special increase in the rubber buffer block to reduce the vibration, the sixteen to the ground clearance, enhance the forklift climbing ability and through the performance. Increase the steering to the oil and gas bore, reduce the steering operation, improve comfort. HCF stone forklift heart active, powerful, dynamic and orderly, OK and constant.

King of the Road

Professional environmental design, hanging high installed air filter to ensure that the inhaled air clean, so that the engine can work in the best condition, small sewage, low noise. Using the total power cut off device to enhance vehicle safety. HCF stone special forklift, especially for harsh environment, the work of large stone material handling, stacking, transport work. That the king, not afraid of the challenge, only to Zhen services!

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