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pallet truck

pallet truck
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pallet truck – Job function
The basic functions of the forklift pallet jack are divided into horizontal handling, stacking / picking, loading / unloading, sorting. According to the business function to be achieved by the above models can be initially identified. In addition, the special operation function will affect the specific configuration of the forklift pallet jack, such as handling the paper roll, hot metal, etc., need to install the forklift pallet jack to complete the special function.
Job requirements
The requirements for the operation of the forklift pallet jack include the general requirements of the pallet or the specifications of the goods, the height of the work, the width of the work channel, the climbing degree and so on. It is also necessary to consider the efficiency of the operation (the efficiency of the different models is different), the habit (such as driving or driving) Aspects of the request.

Operating environment
If the enterprise needs to carry the goods or warehouse environment for noise or exhaust emissions and other environmental requirements, in the choice of models and configuration should be considered. If it is in the cold storage or in the explosion-proof requirements of the environment, the forklift pallet jack configuration should also be cold storage or explosion-proof type. Carefully examine the location of the forklift pallet jack operation, imagine possible problems, such as whether the door when the door on the forklift pallet jack has an impact; access to the elevator, the elevator height and bearing on the impact of forklift pallet jack; Whether the corresponding requirements, and so on.

In the selection and determine the configuration, to the forklift pallet jack supplier to describe the conditions in detail, and field investigation to ensure that the purchase of forklift pallet jacks in full compliance with the needs of enterprises. Even if you complete the above steps of the analysis, there may still be several models at the same time can meet the above requirements. At this point need to pay attention to the following aspects:

¢Ù different models, the work efficiency is different, then the number of forklift pallet jacks required, the number of drivers is also different, will lead to a series of cost changes, see the performance evaluation part of the cost of this discussion.
¢Ú If the forklift pallet jack in the warehouse operations, different models need different channel width, upgrade capacity is also different, which will bring changes in warehouse layout, such as changes in cargo storage capacity.
¢Û models and their number of changes, the fleet management and many other aspects of the impact.
¢Ü different models of the market share of different, its after-sales support capacity is also different, for example: low driving three-way stacking forklift pallet jack and high driving three-way stacking forklift pallet jacks are narrow channel forklift pallet jack series, can be in a very narrow channel (1.5 ~ 2.0 meters) to complete the stacking, picking up. But the former cab can not be improved, so the operation of poor vision, low efficiency. Because the latter can completely cover the function of the former, and the performance is more outstanding, so in Europe the latter market sales than the former more than 4 to 5 times in China is more than 6 times. So most of the suppliers are focused on the development of high-speed driving three-way stacker forklift pallet jack, while the low driving three-way stacking forklift pallet jack is only used in small tonnage, lifting height is low (usually within 6 meters) under the conditions. In the market sales is very small, the number of its after-sales service engineers, engineers experience, the level of spare parts and other service capacity will be relatively weak.

To the above aspects of the impact of a comprehensive assessment, select the most reasonable program.

Brand selection
First to determine a few brands as a consideration of the scope, and then a comprehensive assessment. In the primaries, the following aspects are generally the primary criteria:
1, the brand’s product quality and reputation;
2, the brand’s after-sales support for how the location of the enterprise or near the service outlets;
3, the enterprise has used the brand of product quality and service;
4, select the brand needs and corporate positioning consistent.
After the completion of the primary selection, the comprehensive assessment of the brand, including brand, product quality, price, service capabilities.
Many companies in the choice of brand, there is a certain misunderstanding: If you are imported brands of forklift pallet jacks, the quality is almost the same, the price should be close. In fact, this is a common sense of the error, like a car, like a lot of imported brands of cars, the price gap between different brands is also very large, and of course there are differences in performance.
In addition, the forklift pallet jack is an industrial equipment, to maximize the normal operation of the equipment is one of the objectives of the enterprise, the downtime means that the loss. So choose a guaranteed after-sales service brand is essential. China’s forklift pallet jack market is very large, so attract a lot of foreign brands forklift pallet jack suppliers, but China’s vast territory, in order to establish a national professional service network, there is no time is difficult to achieve.

Advantages of forklift pallet jack rental:
1, all the after-sales service during the lease by the service provider.
2, effectively reduce investment in fixed assets.
3, in batches of funds, effectively reduce investment costs.
4, increase the liquidity of corporate funds.
5, funds as operating expenses, save the relevant taxes.
6, to avoid the old technology equipment risk.
1, the advantages of leasing

Bringing funds in batches, effectively reducing investment costs and effectively reducing investment in fixed assets. Reduce the staff to reduce management costs, the cumbersome things to others to do. The overall project outsourcing, save management trouble. Seasonal, short-term or short-term production and the need to increase the forklift pallet jack, the funds need not be used in temporary demand.
2, the form of leasing
Short rent: according to the actual operation of the forklift pallet jack charges. The two sides to determine the charges and terms of service.
Long lease: month for the lease settlement unit. We only provide the necessary maintenance for the normal use of forklift pallet jacks and forklift pallet jacks, and the rest are responsible for the tenants.
Package business: We provide forklift pallet jacks, drivers, fuel, forklift pallet jack maintenance and maintenance. Month is the settlement unit. Do not have to find suppliers and discuss prices.
Project contract: the general contracting of warehousing and logistics projects, provided by the project leader, forklift pallet jack, driver, fuel, handling personnel, etc., in order to achieve the enterprise streamlined management.
To rent the purchase: by the car unit designated forklift pallet jack brand, model, by the company responsible for the purchase, and then rented to the use of car units, the two sides agreed to rent and lease and maintenance and other related matters, after the expiration of the lease Owned by the tenant.
Repurchase back to rent: to save the company’s maintenance, management and cost, focus on the core business of enterprises, the enterprise forklift pallet jack equipment by the evaluation by our purchase, and then lease more suitable forklift pallet jack to achieve enterprise technology updates, The development needs.

Performance evaluation
In the comprehensive assessment, many enterprises because of the forklift pallet jack professional knowledge and technology do not understand, often on the product quality can not make a reasonable judgment. In general, high-quality forklift pallet jack its superior performance is often reflected in the high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, ergonomic design and service convenience and many other aspects.
High efficiency does not just mean high speed (travel, lift, descent), it also means that the operator takes a short time to complete a work cycle, and can always maintain this efficiency throughout the working hours. Many factors can lead to increased efficiency:
¢Ù the speed of the level, such as driving speed, lifting and descending speed;
¢Ú ergonomic design of the application, to reduce the number of operating operations;
¢Û the accuracy of the operation;
¢Ü ergonomic design of the application, to minimize fatigue;
¢Ý good vision;

When the company buys and uses forklift pallet jacks, the total cost per year is:
¢Ù purchase cost;
¢Ú maintenance costs;
Energy cost
¢Ü labor costs.

Purchasing costs will be flattened into the life of the forklift pallet jack. So high-priced forklift pallet jack because of its longer life and reduce the cost of procurement.
The actual maintenance costs are not only related to the cost of the repair parts, but also to the failure rate or failure time. Therefore, a high-quality forklift pallet jack, due to its low failure rate, its maintenance costs are lower.
The cost of energy consumption will vary with different powertrains, such as electricity, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline.
Labor costs vary with the number of drivers and their monthly total wage changes, and the number of drivers will be reduced by the use of efficient forklift pallet jacks.

High security
The safety design of the forklift pallet jack should be able to fully guarantee the safety of the driver, the cargo and the forklift pallet jack itself. High-quality forklift pallet jacks tend to take into account every detail in the safety design, every possibility.
Ergonomics is a science that is widely used in product design, especially to improve the operating environment, with the aim of maximizing productivity by reducing driver fatigue and increased operational comfort.
In the forklift pallet jack design, ergonomics reflected in all aspects:
¢Ù reduce the driver’s fatigue: a unique design can reduce the driver’s operating action, so that more effort;
¢Ú comfort: user-friendly design to enable the driver to maintain a good mood, reduce operational errors;
¢Û good vision: for the forklift pallet jack operation process to provide a good vision, not only can improve efficiency, while ensuring the safety of the driver.

Easy to maintain
To consider whether the forklift pallet jack is easy to maintain. All parts should be replaced easily, the fault diagnosis and removal to be fast. High-quality forklift pallet jack control systems have been modular, can be directly connected with the laptop, the use of diagnostic procedures to quickly find fault or modify the parameter settings (such as travel speed).
Enterprises in the purchase of forklift pallet jacks, in addition to understand the price and tonnage forklift pallet jack, but also should be combined with the specific conditions of enterprises and development planning, comprehensive consideration forklift pallet jack manufacturers strength, reputation, service assurance and other factors to make purchasing decisions. The strength of the forklift pallet jack supplier in addition to providing reliable after-sales service, the sales staff should have the expertise to help customers complete the model and configuration selection stage of the work.
CPCD is a generation of forklift pallet jack model code, like FD / FG, the first C should be the domestic code, the back should be on behalf of it is an internal combustion engine or a battery. CPCD is a general forklift pallet jack. C: forklift pallet jack; P: balance weight; C: diesel engine; D: tonnage. There are side fork its code CCCD, etc., there are some special forklift pallet jack has its own code.

key parameter
Load capacity
2. engine brand model;
3. Electronic control brand model;
4. several mast;
5. Tools: side shift, folder folder, rotator, ejector, cardboard boxes folder, oil drums, etc .;
6. solid tire, inflatable tire.

Market conditions
The forklift pallet jack is a kind of industrial handling vehicle, which refers to all kinds of wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transportation of goods, and is widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yard, factory workshops, warehouses, Distribution centers and distribution centers, etc., and can enter the cabin, cars and containers for pallet cargo handling, handling operations, is the tray transport, container transport essential equipment.
China’s forklift pallet jack manufacturing industry from the fourth quarter of 2009 has been out of the plight of the decline in sales in 2010 in the domestic market to achieve a comprehensive recovery, and to the development of posture to show the strength.
According to “2013 – 2017 China forklift pallet jack manufacturing industry demand forecast and transformation and upgrading analysis report” data show that in 2010, China to achieve forklift pallet jack sales (including exports) 232409 units, an increase of 67.31%. Of which electric balance truck rifle sales 22960 units, electric ride storage forklift pallet jack sales of 7502 units, electric walking warehouse forklift pallet jack sales 22280 units, internal combustion balance heavy fork 179667 Taiwan. I sold about 19 million units, compared with 111350 units in 2009 increased by about 70%; export sales of about 40,000 units, compared with 27555 units in 2009, an increase of about 60%.
China ‘s forklift pallet jack overseas market situation
In 2007, China’s forklift pallet jack sales reached 139,000, an increase of 30%; export forklift pallet jack 47,000, an increase of 78%, exports accounted for about 34% of sales; and export growth to sales growth rate of 65%.
In 2007, global forklift pallet jack sales reached 907,000, an increase of 10%. The share of consumption by region is as follows: Europe accounts for about 40% of the world’s forklift pallet jack market, followed by North America (USA + Canada) market, about 21%; China’s share of the market has more than 11%; and the proportion of Japan does not exceed 10%; the rest of the world is close to 16%.
China’s internal combustion counterbalanced forklift pallet jack about 80% of sales, while the global forklift pallet jack sales in the proportion of electric forklift pallet jack more than 50%. This is because in Europe, the United States, Japan’s forklift pallet jack market, electric forklift pallet jack has become the mainstream product’s sake. As China’s lower environmental requirements, more frequent forklift pallet jack operations, operating environment is relatively poor and operating costs and other factors, a longer period of time China’s forklift pallet jack demand will tend to use internal combustion forklift pallet jack.
In the global forklift pallet jack market structure, Toyota and Linde far ahead, with annual sales income of more than 5 billion US dollars; and fork and fork in the domestic forklift pallet jack market dominate the market, the total market share of more than 50%.
China’s forklift pallet jack exports accounted for the proportion of overseas markets is still low, cost-effective advantages and export tax rebates leading to domestic enterprises export impulse and other reasons, the future of China’s forklift pallet jack exports are expected to maintain a rapid growth rate, before 2010 compound growth rate of not less than 30 %. The next three years, the annual growth rate of domestic forklift pallet jack sales is expected to remain at 20% or more, the dependence on overseas markets will increase. Exports have become the main driving force for sales growth.
forklift pallet jack warehousing business process in the location, warehousing business processes:
(Goods Receipt) Cargo Handling – Handling Handling – (Storage) Temporary – Acceptance – Storage – Storage – Regular inventory – (Delivery) Outbound – Handling – Shipping

forklift pallet jack work safety requirements
1. Mast without deformation and welding phenomenon, the gap between the inside and outside the mast should be adjusted reasonable, not more than 1.5mm, the wheel should be flexible rotation, roller and shaft should be no cracks, defects. Wheel wear should not be greater than 10% of the original size.
2. Two lifting chain tension should be uniform, not twisted deformation, the end of the connection firmly, the chain of the pitch must not exceed 4% of the original length, or should replace the chain. Sprocket rotation should be flexible.
3. Fork fork can not have serious deformation, weld desoldering phenomenon. Fork surface can not have cracks, weld open welding phenomenon. The root angle of the fork shall not be greater than 93 ¡ã and the thickness shall not be less than 90% of the original size. The height difference between the left and right fork should not exceed 3% of the length of the fork section. Fork positioning should be reliable, forked hook bearing surface, positioning surface shall not have obvious defects, fork and fork with the gap should not be too large, and moving smoothly.
4. Lifting cylinder and gantry connection should be solid, tilt the cylinder and the mast, the articulation of the frame should be reliable, flexible, with the gap should not be too large. The cylinder should be sealed well, no cracks, work smoothly. Under the rated load, 10min mast self-deposition volume is not greater than 20mm, inclination of not more than 0.5 ¡ã. Full lifting speed should not be less than half of the standard value.
5. Roof protection, shelves to be fully effective.
6. fork up and down the station is strictly prohibited, not allowed to take a single fork fork to take over the load of goods.
7. A forklift pallet jack driver with a forklift pallet jack driver’s license to avoid multiple drivers for a forklift pallet jack.

Valve parts
forklift pallet jack truck with the main mechanical parts:
Valve: the valve into the valve and exhaust valve two, its role is open and close into the exhaust channel, which consists of the head and the composition of the head. The head is used to open and close the exhaust channel, the rod is used to guide the movement of the valve. The intake valve is made of ordinary alloy steel, the exhaust valve is made of heat-resistant alloy steel, because the exhaust door directly with the combustion gas contact, heat serious.
In order to ensure that the valve head and the valve seat close fit and heat, the valve head and the valve seat between the use of tapered joint surface, and grinding. The angle between the conical surface and the top plane is called the valve cone angle, and the common valve taper angle is 30 ¡ã and 45 ¡ã. The valve shaft is the valve movement guide part. The common valve stem has a groove at the tail to install the conical lock.
Valve seat: The valve seat is in the cylinder (side valve) or cover (overhead valve), directly processed out of the circular seat hole, which with the valve with the sealing effect. Some of the valve seat can be used wear-resistant alloy cast iron into a seat ring, embedded in the cylinder or cylinder head.
Valve guide: its role is to guide the valve for the correct axial movement, but also the valve stem of the indirect heat transfer to the water jacket. In order to facilitate repair and replacement, the valve guide is made separately and pressed into the cylinder block (or cylinder head). Valve guide into the cylinder block (or cylinder head), there should be a certain amount of interference and pressure into the depth, in order to ensure good heat transfer.
Valve spring: its role is to ensure that the valve and the valve seat close, and to slow down and overcome the valve and other transmission parts generated by the inertial force to prevent damage to the normal work of the valve.
Valve Tappet: It passes the push motion of the cam to the valve (side) or putter (overhead) to control the opening and closing of the valve.
Valve putter: in the top of the valve-type valve mechanism, the tappet movement to the rocker arm. The push rod is made of hollow steel pipe straight rod, both ends of welding with different shapes of the end of the head is concave spherical, rocker adjustment screw on the ball head is located in the lower end of the ball head to insert Rod concave ball bearing.
Valve rocker: its role is to change the direction of the movement of the tappet to the valve. It is an unequal long arm lever with a round hole in the middle. The end of the long arm has a circular arc face and the valve tail contact; short arm end of the screw hole, used to install the adjustment screw and lock nut to adjust the valve clearance. Central for the rocker arm bearing, filled with bronze bushings.
Rocker shaft: it is a hollow circular shaft, with a number of bearings installed in the cylinder head, rocker arm set in the rocker shaft, and in the shaft for the arc swing. The shaft bore communicates with the main oil passage and supplies the valve to the lubricating oil.
Camshaft: used to control the cylinder valve closing time and opening changes. And drive oil pump, petrol pump, distributor and other accessories. It consists of the intake cam, exhaust cam, journal, drive oil pump and distributor gear and push the gasoline pump rocker eccentric wheel made of a whole.
Timing gears: Camshafts are usually driven by a pair of timing gears from the crankshaft. The pinion is mounted on the front of the crankshaft, called the crankshaft timing gear. The large gear is mounted on the front end of the camshaft, called the camshaft timing gear. Size gear ratio of 2: 1, that is, to ensure that the crankshaft rotation for two weeks, the camshaft rotation for a week.
In order to ensure the correct gas phase and fire time, the corresponding position of the two gears are engraved with the engagement mark. In order to limit the camshaft in the work with the engine speed changes caused by axial movement, in the installation are equipped with axial limit device.

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