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New open electric business model, Junghein force light forklift landing Silier

February 28, forklift accessories platform officially opened operations. Domestic users can order Jungheinrich M series and Ameise series of lightweight products through this online platform.

As the leading brand in the global forklift industry, the excellent manufacturer of electric forklift – Jungheinrich decided to set up the flagship store of electric business, is based on the recent development of Internet e-commerce, as well as a supplement to the existing sales channels Of the products and services to more in-depth touch China’s vast market territory, so that the majority of end users can enjoy the Jungheinrich forklift professional products and services.

Focus on light conditions, lightweight market

February 28, Junghein power shop flagship store in the Silva forklift accessories platform officially opened operations. Domestic users can order Jungheinrich M series and Ameise series of lightweight products through this online platform.

Jungheinrich M full range of products contains a load of 1.3 1.5 tons of electric pallet truck, and a single double mast (corresponding to 2 4 kinds of mast lifting height) of the electric stacker, a full range of equipment Junghein force maintenance of the fourth generation of three-phase AC motor. 0.6 kW power motor to provide users with a smooth acceleration and operation experience, while equipped with energy recovery system and start and stop function (the vehicle does not run within 30 minutes without the case of automatic closure) to effectively extend the single charge Continuous use of time.

Junghein’s Ameise series is also an entry-level product for internal handling, including an AC 25 hydraulic pallet truck with a capacity of 2.5 tons, and an EPM 113 with a maintenance-free colloidal battery and built-in charger Pallet truck.

battery forklift

The Jungheinrich M Series and Ameise series are well suited to meet the needs of many light operating applications and are the best solution for replacing manpower and manual handling vehicles.

Introducing European Electric Business Platform Successful Experience

Jungheinrich in Europe has long been involved in online e-commerce and created an e-mall, for European users to provide online ordering services. Detailed product introduction, convenient ordering model, and flexible payment by the user’s favorite, but also makes the online business as Jungheinrich Group strong growth point. Jungheinrich’s cooperation with Sylvesia platform will draw on the successful experience in Europe, combined with the Chinese market and the needs of users to operate. The first phase of the M series and Ameise series has also been tested on the European online platform, and widely acclaimed.

More new products, more new look

Jungheinrich forklift online flagship store after the official operation, will be online and offline to carry out a series of user interaction activities. And, according to Jungheinrich for the product market planning, the future will gradually enrich the online flagship store product models and types to meet the needs of more users of the application. More new products, more new look forward, please pay attention to Jungle line online flagship store, there are more exciting waiting for you.

Jungheinrich is a world leader in material handling equipment, warehousing and logistics technology. As a manufacturer of manufacturing internal logistics services and systems solutions, Jungheinrich provides customers with a full range of forklifts, used forklifts and leasing, warehousing systems integration, service and consulting. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all the German exchanges.

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