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Love to study the forklift “magic doctor”

In order to vigorously promote the spirit of labor and the spirit of labor, cultivate the socialist core values, this newspaper set up a column, reported that the model of labor and advanced workers deeds, encourage the majority of cadres to actively join the five major development of Anhui.

“So far, I have not encountered repair bad forklift, of course, may encounter later, but I believe that as long as the study and study, the problems encountered are the driving force.” Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd. Electric forklift branch senior technician Liu Fei said. Born in 1987, Liu Fei, 2009 to the forklift to work, quickly became electric forklift assembly, maintenance, after-sales service of the top technology, workers were called forklift “magic doctor.”

Forklift “god doctor” where is God Liu Fei scratched his head, blushing that he was just a technician. Liu Fei as an electric forklift production technician, not only responsible for assembling the production line of each station assembly quality, but also often to provide technical support throughout the country to help solve the marketing network can not solve the difficult problems.

In March 2012, Changsha, Hunan Province, a new business to buy a joint forklift truck has repeatedly turned to the failure of the local network maintenance personnel overhaul many times can not rule out the failure. Dealers had to call the headquarters, Liu Fei night to Changsha “fire”, just over an hour will be a smooth troubleshooting. In June the same year, Jiangsu Taizhou, a business forklift failure, maintenance staff 34 times home repair did not solve the problem, the night arrived Liu Fei “hand to the disease in addition to”.

forklift motor

Liu Fei “fire” footprint is not only all over the country, but also out of the country to solve the “incurable diseases.” August 2015, together to forklift has never been to the country’s Liu Fei to Thailand for local agents to do electric products technical training and after-sales service support. He went to the foreign country alone, without translation, with English with the customer for a month of training, excellent completion of the task.

Since then, Liu Fei has traveled to Thailand and Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and other places, on behalf of the Anhui Forklift Group for technical training and exchange.

“Liu Fei usually tacit words, but the first time I heard him communicate with foreigners in English, I was stunned.He used to play the phone all the time used in research technology.” Electric forklift branch technical group Yao said the head of the group. 8 years, Liu Fei every morning in advance of an hour to “absorb” the latest information on R & D department at home in the evening forklift industry, the forefront of technical information. If you encounter problems, Liu Fei will ask the master, designers, online experts, to the production site to view the study, and strive to do so know it better. Sometimes, encountered hard to crack the “hard bones”, Liu Fei in the workshop overtime to two or three in the morning, but also to “incurable diseases” won.

One day to learn a part of the day to get a little bit of progress, Liu Fei quickly grow into a proficient electric forklift expert. In 2013, Liu Fei participated in the “Unite Cup” national second construction machinery repair (forklift) vocational skills competition, won the electric group of personal first outstanding performance, promoted to engineering machinery repair (forklift) senior technician.

30-year-old Liu Fei, is already more than 200 students of the master, and most of them students have grown into forklift sales and after-sales service backbone of the backbone. Since the entry, Liu Fei seriously work hard, honest workers, has won the “national technical experts”, “Jianghuai craftsmen pacesetter” honorary title.

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