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Linde cold storage to let fresh electricity business “live” up

Economic development and the advent of e-commerce era, so that people’s lives become more colorful. Especially for the frozen fresh market, with the electricity business giants have to compete for fresh business sector, fresh electricity business presents a vigorous vitality, frozen fresh food also broke through the limitations of the region, a comprehensive open product consumer market, And the opening of this market, for the cold chain logistics industry is an opportunity is also a challenge.

Lean cold forklift truck to make up the cold storage

Compared to the usual conditions, cold storage operation of the operating environment is more harsh, in the low temperature environment to run the material handling equipment have more stringent requirements. As we all know, working in such a low-temperature environment, the forklift operator’s safety and security is essential, Linde forklift has always insisted on the concept of security in this regard revealed.

Front forklift full cab – to ensure that the driver in the minus 30 degrees of the environment can also work comfortably, two-way intercom system so that communication is unimpeded;

pallet truck ramp

Electric balance forklift anti-smashing protection options – to reduce the drop of goods on the body and personnel damage, effectively improve the body’s ruggedness and security;

Hall effect handle – to ensure that the operation in and out of the library can also operate the mast operation, to avoid the failure of condensate failure;

In addition, there are automatic parking brake system, to achieve the level and vertical adjustment of the handrail, floating comfort seat and low noise design concept, so that Linde forklift in the design and manufacture of people everywhere reflect the cold food safety and The safety of the staff on the double insurance.

Flexible rental program to ease the pressure on traffic costs

Because the fresh commodity is a non-standard goods, there are obvious seasonal characteristics, coupled with the seasonal characteristics of the electricity business itself, resulting in changes in fresh energy flow fluctuations, therefore, its distribution capacity has become a measure of a business platform logistics Horizontal benchmark. In this regard, Linde tailored for the fresh electricity business flexible rental solution.

Linde in the country’s 45 branch of the full leasing business, with 5,000 leasing fleet size, is the largest and most professional forklift rental business service providers. According to the needs of different customers, Linde provides as short as 1 day, up to 5 years of rental mode, also in the original operating leasing (long lease and short rent) on the basis of the expansion of the forklift financial leasing new areas, respectively To meet customer long-term or temporary, seasonal handling needs, to ensure that customers maximize the reasonable use of forklifts at the same time, effectively solve the user’s funds to worry about.

“Safe, efficient, environmentally friendly” Linde forklift has been advocating the product concept, especially in the cold chain industry, this feature is particularly important. As a leading brand of global material handling equipment, Linde has a full range of materials handling equipment supply, consultative equipment selection services, perfect service network and diversified leasing business portfolio, combined with customer-oriented core concept , To provide flexible, personalized logistics solutions, so that fresh electricity business really “live” up.

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