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Large forklift, light forked small eggs

Stop, hold the fork, hold, hold up, transfer, place, eggs firmly on the pole … … 1 minute, all the action is completed, usually used to carry several tons of cargo forklift, hold up a small Eggs are also lighter. Yesterday, by the Provincial Department of Transportation, the provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security jointly organized by the Jiangsu port industry professional skills contest final held in Nanjing, from the province’s 11 city team of 60 players, Their unique skills, in the electric handling machinery (shore) and forklift 2 items for the final competition.

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Forklift trucking is very common in the port, a forklift driver to carry thousands of tons of goods a day. Although the goods are handled in tons, but the competition on the requirements of the forklift driver is almost harsh, each player driving forklift need to travel according to the provisions of the route, the control fork will be stacked plate into the board, the board in advance Placed 8 bottles of water can not fall. After completing this one, then use the fork to stir up the lantern on the pole and place it in the specified position. The most difficult one is to fork the eggs, by manipulating the stupid fork, the small eggs hold up, translation, and ultimately placed to the specified location, a little care, the eggs will be broken. Reporters on the scene to see, many players “planted” in the transport of eggs this.

From the Taizhou Port Ship Co., Ltd. forklift driver Duan Jianfeng told reporters that the surface of the cargo is rough to live, but in fact the accuracy requirements are high. Section master has been doing more than 20 years of forklift drivers, the same handling of a number of goods, others need 1 hour, he only need up to 40 minutes.

It is reported that the final two of the two jobs will be awarded the “Jiangsu Province May 1 innovation experts” and “technical experts in Jiangsu Province,” the honorary title.

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