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How to “move” from the earth

It gives the impression that the outside world is always a pragmatic low-key, dedicated to forge ahead, to serve as innovation. In China referred to together forklift, people are always keen to use “600761”, “24 consecutive years the national forklift industry first”, “good forklift, together to create” and other simple, intuitive words to describe; overseas, rigorous and pragmatic foreign HELI forklift is the world leader in the industry, ranking eighth in the world); HELI forklift reliable, safe and efficient (combined forklift quality), HELI forklift is the industry leader in China, Reliable, safe and efficient).

Not only to sell the product to foreign countries

From the first export in 1986 12 “together” brand forklift, to 2014 exports more varieties, more than 11066 sets of forklifts, accounting for 16.6% of China’s total domestic exports of forklifts; from the national “inspection and quarantine green channel system enterprises”, ” Export to the red list of enterprises, “” focus on nurturing and development of export brand “,” export exemption “and a series of honorary title to the company leading products successfully passed the EU CE safety certification, the US EPA environmental certification and ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other Certification; from the products sold in the world more than 140 countries and regions, to France to set up the main forklift parts and maintenance services, the European sales channel management, market research and analysis, market management and promotion of the European Center …

30 years, together forklift intensive, will be an Anhui local brand, the Chinese national brand to the forefront of the international market. As the chairman of the company, Zhang Dejin often said: the internationalization of force together, not only to sell together products to foreign countries, more in the global integration of the use of international and domestic markets two resources to enhance their own brand impact Force, industry appeal, to win the right of China, the right to speak, and ultimately to force together as a world respected world-class industrial vehicle manufacturers.

pallet jack chock

Full product line attack, to meet the diverse needs of the international market. At present, Anhui Forklift Group online production of internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, heavy forklifts, tractors, pallet trucks, stackers, wheel loaders … … more than 80 models, more than 500 varieties of specifications, more than 1700 models Series of products. Anhui Forklift Group in the international market to meet the diverse needs of different tonnage level at the same time, relying on state-level enterprise technology center platform, through independent innovation and technology upgrades, in addition to internal combustion vehicle series, has developed the introduction of lithium batteries, compressed natural gas CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), dual fuel, oil and electricity mixing, electric power mixing as a power source (600405, stock it) a series of products, effectively meet the global scope of various occasions, different areas, Of the handling needs.

Layout of energy – saving environmental protection industry chain

To enter the world, to seize the international market share, the Anhui forklift in terms of the need to integrate into the international market, with tight international industrial vehicles, the development of new trends in energy conservation and environmental protection. In recent years, the safety fork has been launched in full compliance with the European CE and the United States EPA latest environmental standards, the hydraulic system energy efficient, effectively reduce the vehicle fuel consumption of the G series of internal combustion forklift truck; daily energy consumption of only 2 kW Of the MINI electric “small Superman” van; high performance, high efficiency, gantry maximum lifting height of 12.5m GII series of electric forward forklift; and vehicle energy saving more than 15%, no pollution zero emissions, support fast Charging mode, charging and discharge power stability of high-performance lithium forklift and a series of environmentally friendly energy-saving products. For example, the LNG container stacker, which is popular in the world and won the praise of the port users of the western developed countries, is a clean and environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas as fuel. Compared with the diesel vehicle, the particulate matter is zero and the CO emission is reduced by 50 %, Hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emissions decreased by 80%, all kinds of pollutants decreased by about 40%, a fundamental reduction in the operation of the environment pollution and harm.

In the future, with the global market share of electric forklift rising, Anhui Forklift Group will fully combine and use mobile Internet information technology, tightly lock the digital, intelligent, energy saving, security direction, focus on breaking the battery, motor, Electronic control three core components, manufacturing high-quality green products back to all customers at home and abroad, the return of all mankind to survive the Earth home.

The whole industry chain expansion, leading the international market personalized needs. Up to now, its Anqing linkage company has four major categories of product spectrum has reached 990 kinds. It is widely used in the fields of papermaking, warehousing, tobacco, petroleum, chemical industry and smelting in the world. It is widely used in the fields of papermaking, warehousing, tobacco, petrochemical, smelting and so on. In 2014, the international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition in Asia, the linkage of the company exhibited the GC-type side-mounted side by virtue of the superb level of technology, won the exhibition overseas exhibitors praise and favor. The future, linkage will continue to adhere to independent innovation, customer service, to continue to meet the individual needs of the market-oriented, production forklift affiliated various types of accessories, all aspects of full coverage, multi-level market-oriented development, the formation of product differences The

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