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Henan Li Fu successfully developed special self-balancing tray fork

Forklift truck is a combination of horizontal transport and vertical lifting of the effective combination of loading and unloading machinery, loading and unloading, lifting and transportation and other integrated functions.

Forklift in the daily use, prone to the corresponding problems: investment, high fuel costs, high cost of employment, lifting height is limited, the instrument shows sometimes garbled, individual relays often burned … … and some relatively small occasions, forklift Can not operate; some small businesses without forklift … … these, all affect people’s work and life, to a certain extent, hinder the production process and progress.

bishamon hand pallet truck

Self-balancing tray fork is made up of fork, fork, sliding lugs. Like the traditional forklift, the fork is the most important part of the forklift, connected by the beam at the bottom of the frame, the width of the fork can be adjusted according to the center distance of the tray; the fork is made up of the upper beam, the column and the lower beam There is a certain angle between the beam and the column. The size of the angle is calculated from the tonnage and horizontal distribution. The fork is welded by profile. The middle of the beam embedded in the middle of sliding lugs, sliding lug according to the hanging plate center of gravity, you can automatically move. Column, play the role of connection; the next beam is parallel, is used to do the cornerstone, used to maintain the balance of forklifts. Self-balancing tray fork is mainly used for handling heavy objects placed on the tray, instead of forklift use.

Self-balancing tray fork to avoid the forklift defects, because there is no hydraulic and electrical systems, there will not be when the fork fork movements, the gantry when the swing, the brake pedal up and down the beating, the generator is often burned , The instrument shows sometimes garbled, individual relays often burn and so on. With a light weight, flexible operation and other characteristics, in the no-load or full load state can maintain a stable balance, high safety factor, with electric hoist, cantilever crane, crane, truck crane combination. In the workshop with a crane can be a perfect alternative to handling forklifts, in order to achieve the tray of goods stacked, storage, loading and other functions, without professional operation of the operation, even in a small space can still complete a variety of tasks. Reduce equipment investment costs, reduce staff investment, is the storage machine production process essential to the transport tool.

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