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Hang fork group and CIMC mobile for cloud intelligent forklift strategic cooperation

December 28, 2016, Hang fork Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen in the set of Intelligent Mobile International Service Co., Ltd. jointly signed the cloud smart forklift strategic cooperation agreement, officially became a partner. Mr. Fang Haihua, Deputy Chief Economist of Hanghe Group, and Zhou Zuqin, Managing Director of China Mobile, have signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out long-term stable and all-round cooperation, from product development, technology, production, quality, service, cost and so on, to maintain and improve their research and development capabilities , Product quality and product cost and other aspects of market competitiveness, and jointly promote the field of Hangzhou fork forklift sustainable and healthy development.

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Hang fork group adhere to the “professional production, brand management, group operation, international integration.” The development strategy, the implementation of “two strong, middle fine” development model to “do the world’s strongest forklift business” Professional materials handling, is committed to quality improvement, “enterprising, pragmatic, innovative and harmonious” spirit of enterprise, to create value, social returns, to provide customers with the most sincere service. CIMC Intelligent is committed to the realization of intelligent industrial equipment, as well as equipment in the Internet platform under the visual and controllable, and on this basis, combined with the needs of customers in the industry to enhance business operations management capabilities, business model innovation, Create new value. The two sides agreed that as their respective industries of the two leading enterprises, both sides have a complete manufacturing industry chain and customer groups, a good basis for cooperation. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will enable the two sides to establish a closer strategic cooperative partnership in terms of long-term stable cooperation, complementary advantages and resource sharing. Help Hangzhou fork in the cloud of intelligent forklift business continued in-depth development, to help users build the enterprise’s intelligent logistics system.

The signing ceremony, the Hangfang forklift deputy chief economist Ren Haihua said: “intelligent forklift as the Hang fork thirteen five plan the most important, the two sides will strive to build a new platform for cooperation and further deepen cooperation and exchanges to enhance product innovation, I believe that the signing of the cooperation will have a far-reaching and significant impact on the development of both sides, as long as we cooperate in good faith, mutual benefit and seek common development, we will be able to achieve win-win situation, the two sides cooperation It will be able to bear fruitful results!

After signing, Zhou Zuqin, chairman and his entourage, accompanied by Renhaihua, deputy chief economist, visited the production workshop, the production workshop, the sheet metal welding workshop, the two bridge production lines, the assembly line, the new product exhibition center And watch the AGV intelligent product demonstration, the Hangzhou fork of product development and manufacturing capabilities, development process and planning, as well as in the international and domestic industrial vehicle industry has a more in-depth understanding of the status.

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