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Forklift truck industry development and forklift development trend

Forklift is a development trend: with the forecast about 250 forklift manufacturing enterprises around the world, the annual production remained at 500,000 units. As a result of the intensification of competition, compared with the 1980s, China’s forklift market is a huge world forklift industry with sales growth and profit reductions. On the one hand, in order to reduce costs, forklift giants have to build factories in developing countries. For example, in China built in Xiamen Linde, Anhui TCM, Beijing Hannah, Hunan Dresdner, Yantai Daewoo Heavy, Shanghai Hester and so on. These companies to the world in the mid-90s advanced products and technologies to the country, to promote the rapid development of China’s forklift technology, while the domestic market has also caused a great impact. On the other hand, with the development of market economy, logistics technology in the economic development of the status and role of more and more obvious, forklift penetration rate is higher and higher, from the past a single port to enter the national economy all walks of life. At present, China’s forklift holdings of about 18 million units, the actual annual potential demand of about 10 million units, while the actual annual sales of only about 30,000 units, showing that China’s forklift market is huge.

Forklift Category: Forklift working device indicates that the main parameters of the forklift performance are the rated lifting capacity at the standard lifting height and the standard load center distance. The distance from the center of the load is the distance from the front wall of the cargo center of gravity. Forklifts are equipped with a variety of working devices for the purpose of expanding the scope of the forklift. There are about 30 kinds of widely used dependents. Easy to dress up. Strip can carry hot coil, tire and cement pipe section. The container spreader is used to carry large containers. Barrel can handle oil drums, paper rolls. Side clip can be transported textile bundles. Side fork can make the forklift in a small place when the job, easy to align the goods. Tilted fork can be loaded with logs. The boom can lift a variety of goods. The forging clamps can hold the forgings and turn them over. The rotating clip can be rotated 360 ° to adjust the position of the cargo for storage.

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Now, the Chinese forklift with the Chinese government to stimulate the gradual implementation of domestic policy, and the global economy rebounded, the Chinese forklift industry is facing a new round of business opportunities. Whether foreign brands or local enterprises, are full of expectations. In this context, some representative domestic and foreign forklift enterprises, its products and technology advantages, management and management model, market strategy and development planning and other aspects of the report, hoping to give more forklift business and logistics Equipment companies to bring inspiration, help companies find their own way to win.

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