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Forklift service and performance

At the end of the event, the guests watched a strong joint venture forklift product camp, Anhui together chief engineer Ma Qingfeng in the introduction of new products, said that this time to show you a 20 new products, each product is for the market and The user’s real requirements and the precise development. In the visit to the latest product together intelligent logistics system demonstration, Ma Qingfeng said that intelligence is the future of the world’s industry, Anhui is also the direction of technological innovation.

Hill pushed forklift bulk exports to the international market more flowering

September 9, 2016, the mountain push forklift for the Middle East customers customized production of a number of models forklift bulk exports, the export models cover large tonnage forklifts, dual fuel forklifts and diesel forklifts, the first batch of 15, all Models are designed in accordance with customer requirements, the use of imported engines, electronic gearbox, buffer cylinder, double air filter, make every effort to meet market demand.

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Since the implementation of the reform since the 14th year, the company has embarked on the road of economic upgrading and transformation, promoted the upgrading of products, upgraded the marketing, upgraded the concept, deeped the local market demand in the international market, paid attention to customer feedback, and worked closely with the future technology development trend. Forklift product development strategy, have gains the Middle East, Africa, bulk orders, has won high praise at home and abroad customers.

Hill pushed forklift attaches great importance to after-sales service work, relying on a strong technical strength, key customers for a full range of training and after-sales support in the local training of a number of technical backbone for the follow-up products and services to provide a strong guarantee. Excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, for the mountain to promote the overseas expansion of the forklift laid a solid foundation.

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