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Forklift new products

Forklift manufacturing enterprises released a new forklift which new, let us understand the next.

Sanyuan Hong Kong ten tons of forklift new SCP100C2

In February, Sanyuan Hong Kong 10 tons of heavy fork SCP100C2 off the assembly ceremony was held in Changsha Industrial Park.

Sanyuan Hong Kong ten tons of forklift new SCP100C2

It is reported that the new forklift SCP100C2 for ports, yard, factories and other logistics operations site, the machine uses advanced control system, with efficient and reliable, precise and comfortable technical characteristics. At the same time, advanced technology and fine manufacturing to protect the product’s high reliability and first-class quality, product handling, comfort, energy saving and maintenance of the more prominent performance.

Domestic conventional 10-ton series of forklifts usually use mechanical control system, that is, mechanical joystick direct control of the main valve. In determining the control program, the forklift Yang Chengyong adhere to bold innovation, requiring the development of world-class forklift control system. In full consideration of the operation of comfort, precision, etc., R & D team design and development of the vehicle’s digital control system. At the same time the whole machine using all-digital interface technology and fault automated detection system, easy maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that, SCP100C2 forklift machine shape fully reflects the design of a product soul and affect the operation of vision, maintenance and other aspects of the details. In determining the machine modeling program, the general manager of Sanyuan Port Peng Guocheng and Hong Kong Machine Research Institute Li Cuiying and R & D team repeatedly discussed, proposed to improve the proposal. And finally in 12 kinds of programs in the screening of the current machine modeling program. The program fully considered the man-machine comfort, with human design and good vision, the continued SCP series of forklift smooth posture, the whole details of the fine, totally natural.

Hester CNG (compressed natural gas) new energy forklift available

In March 2015, Hyster forklift developed CNG as a forklift series that drives energy. CNG, which is compressed natural gas, which is a new type of clean energy, and it is more than LPG (liquefied natural gas) more clean and energy saving.

Hyster CNG (compressed natural gas) new energy forklift

CNG ignition point of 640 ℃ -680 ℃, as long as the concentration of less than 5% -15%, it will not burn; natural gas and normal air compared to the specific gravity of 0.68: 1, it is not easy to gather, easy to leak after the elegant and safe Higher sex. In the future forklift market, the reduction of air pollutants will become a rigid requirement for the vehicle industry. Therefore, the use of new energy Hyster CNG series of new energy forklift will be a prominent advantage, the first to become a mainstream environmentally friendly internal combustion forklift.

Kay proud of the release of W series KB30 internal combustion balance forklift

In addition to having a strong power, it has also once again demonstrated that Kay proud is the world’s leading economic forklift brand to bring the world’s leading forklift brand, which is equipped with the Wanchai W2.7G engine. The quality of Germany and the full range of competitiveness. This forklift is a 3 ton load diesel forklift, we all know, 3 tons of forklift market competition is the most intense, and Po Li W series with its excellent quality and quality service to enter this market, to help customers reduce the use of cost and improve the comprehensive competition force. And Weichai Group’s cooperation more convenient to Kay proud of the forklift to install independent research and development of different characteristics of the “heart”, to provide customers with a more diverse choice of power to meet customer demand for different conditions.

South China Heavy Industry launched HNF-120 internal combustion balance forklift

South China Heavy Industries launched a new product HNF-120 internal combustion balance forklift, to further improve the rich company HNF series of internal combustion counterbalanced forklift product lineage. The appearance of this new product, showing South China Heavy Industries to further expand the market’s determination.

More affinity of the price, better performance is the South China Heavy Industries this new two competitive advantage. Products to abandon the traditional forklift clumsy, taking into account the characteristics of internal combustion counterbalanced forklift built, control light and flexible, a greater extent to enhance the cost, at the same time, HNF-120 forklift used in the overall frame layout is more reasonable Deformation, thereby increasing the product life.

Linde (China) introduced the new all-electric pallet truck forklift MT15

Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd. launched a new all-electric pallet truck forklift MT15. The product for the rapid development of today’s society and economy, all walks of life on the logistics handling efficiency and a substantial increase in labor demand, designed to maximize the help customers to release the workforce, improve work efficiency.

The product continues Linde “safety first” design concept, the vehicle and the main parts are subject to the German standard test, standard balance wheel system to ensure the stability and safety of traffic, high-strength metal cover effective protection drive system. In addition, the optimized layout of the forklift operation button ensures more effort. MT15 carrying capacity of 1.5 tons, compact body design, vehicle length is only 1600mm, flexible steering. In addition, the product set the industry’s highest configuration for the user to bring extraordinary operating experience; full import drive system, powerful, reliable, maintenance intervals can be extended by 20%, reduce maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.

Jianghuai Heavy Industry launched a small tonnage off-road forklift

In order to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad market, but also to expand the product market share and improve product competitiveness, Jianghuai Heavy Industry to the market launch of small tonnage cross-country forklift.

Off-road forklift for farm, grassland, orchards, brick and other road conditions are poor conditions, with good mobility, off-road, reliability and so on.

Doosan forklift launched electric storage vehicles

Doosan forklift attaches great importance to the improvement of product line and the development of electric vehicles, through drawing on South Korea’s advanced technology and design experience, after a large number of domestic market research and the tireless efforts of designers, the successful launch of the Chinese market for walking electric storage vehicles, Including 1.6 tons of electric stacker and 2 tons of electric pallet truck.

The introduction of the warehouse volume of the United States using the famous CTS controller, the European well-known brand hydraulic pump station, the vehicle’s driving and lifting performance have reached the same level of competition in major competitors, but also has a beautiful appearance and good handling, In line with the habit of domestic operators, the vehicle has been launched by the agents and customers alike.

Doosan forklift electric series currently has 1.3-5 tons of electric balance forklift, 1.5-1.8 tons forward forklift truck, coupled with the launch of the electric storage vehicles, product line to be further improved.

To further improve the internal combustion series models, the market for its high performance, high reliability, cost-effective demand, Zoomlion forklift draw terminal market users comments and suggestions for the original best-selling C1 series models were optimized to improve Nearly a year of intense development, the new Z series of internal combustion vehicles finally in the hope that the successful completion of the first prototype trial, the follow-up will be put into mass market services to our customers.

The new Z series of forklifts with a new design, fashionable and smooth lines, and the frame, the top of the convergence of the transition at the end of the natural, tail structured, stable and yet active; designers to optimize its modeling structure , The heat mouth to the trapezoidal mouth shape, smooth lines, angular, so that the vehicle is more stable visual, vigorous, powerful; with a unique coating layout, two-color painting style, the perfect interpretation of Zoomlion green new charm

Of course, the appearance of the improvement is not the most important, improve performance, to meet customer demand for cost-effective products is the new Z series of research and development of the main purpose. Designers in the vehicle performance improvement is also a lot of trouble, in the old paragraph C1 mature models on the basis of key to improve the vehicle center of gravity layout, so that with the weight center is more, by the next, while increasing the weight of 150 kg weight, Improve the carrying capacity and stability of the cargo; new models also use a comprehensive height of the roof design, and further increase the operator’s head space, high-type cab staff are not significantly bound; at the same time optimize the operation of the handle arrangement, Not only the operation more comfortable, but also in the gear when the hood can open freely, easy to operate more flexible.

Liugong forklift released a variety of new products

Liugong forklift focused on the development of product segmentation at the same time, intended to expand more and more product applications, following CPC (D) 30 / 35A, the “A series” family added two new members, CPC (D ) 20 / 25A, CPC45 / 47A

Liugong CLG2030A-S and CLG2035A-S battery balance forklift

April, Liugong CLG2030A-S and CLG2035A-S battery balance forklift in Liugong Shanghai forklift company to complete the prototype trial, to further improve the Liugong CLG battery balance forklift series platform, CLG electric forklift products cover 1.5-3.5 Ton, to meet more than 95% of the domestic electric forklift market customer demand.

Two new battery balance forklift not only inherited the advantages of the old product CPD30-AS models, but also the product of the motor, steering axle, rear wheel was upgraded to make the new product climbing degree of 3 tons of internal combustion forklift level, carrying capacity , Off-road performance has increased by 28%. In addition, these two new products is the first to use CURTIS dual-core controller of the electric forklift equipment, product safety factor increased by 1 times, in line with the latest European safety standards; and OPS function multi-valve selection, so that the safety of the machine has been Meet the requirements of the North American standard.

Liugong forklift new 3.8 tons, 4.5 tons, 4.7 tons of heavy forklift truck

3.8 tons of forklift’s four major performance characteristics:
1, the appearance of beautiful, A series of forklifts using the latest design methods, vehicle lines smooth, dynamic, in line with the latest design trends.

2, high carrying capacity, mast, frame structure strength in accordance with the carrying 4 tons of design to meet a variety of harsh conditions.

3, cost-effective, high-torque engine, cast steel drive axle, high-performance steering bridge, and the use of large displacement gear pump, lifting speed, high operating efficiency.

4, excellent safety performance, the use of long wheelbase design, the stability of the vehicle better, the same lifting height from the weight has been improved. Strong heat dissipation. Composite water tank auxiliary advanced cooling channel, with a large outlet balance weight, excellent heat dissipation, machine life longer.

Junghein launched a new horizontal picking forklift
Heng Li launched a new level of picking forklift, this model ECE 220/225 horizontal picking forklift represents the Jungheinrich Group’s latest development results, one of the important features is the capacity increase of 10%. This new upgrade is largely due to the overall redesign of the forklift drive control technology, resulting in a significant increase in acceleration and drive performance.

The forklift’s electronic control system and internal software are specially designed according to the ECE 220/225 series of motor performance. “In addition to increased capacity, we also reduced energy consumption by 5%.” Jungheinrich vertical and horizontal selection forklift product management department head Stefan Hirt explained. In addition, there are optional features that can further significantly reduce energy consumption.

daewoo forklift parts

Jungheinrich new ETVC16 / C20 indoor and outdoor electric forklift shock listed

The new Junghein C series front forklift truck officially listed in the summer, ETVC16 / C20 forward forklift, the load up to two tons, both for indoor operations also apply to outdoor operations.

It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor operations

Super-tires and large ground clearance, whether in the warehouse on the concrete floor of the concrete, or heavy cargo cargo handling area bumpy uneven asphalt on the ground, can safely and reliably complete the cargo transport mission.

Energy efficient, high productivity

Rely on Jungheinrich’s optimization of drive systems, controllers and software, ETVC16 represents the most cutting-edge level of technology in terms of productivity.

With its compact design, the new range of forklifts can accommodate a narrow area of ​​only 2829 mm in the roadway (according to the VDI standard, the extension fork loading the European standard tray).

ETVC series of forklift three mast structure, can make the lifting height of 7.40 meters, high-quality solid vertical mast to improve the anti-torque, to provide higher residual load capacity.

Jungheinrich has introduced more new models, the first show is ECE225HP (hydraulic lift platform) and ECE225HP-LJ (with a control unit of the hydraulic lift platform).

These two new products are based on ECE225, the model as a newly developed platform concept, in the drive and control technology for a comprehensive replacement, making its acceleration performance and drive performance are fully enhanced , Compared with the previous series of forklifts, production capacity can be increased by at least 10%. “Initial measurements in the working environment show that the new forklift has reduced energy consumption by 14% while capacity is improving.

The new ECE225 standard model with a patented new station platform, equipped with a cushion, and can be personalized according to the driver’s weight, so that the personnel on the forklift vibration significantly reduced. In addition to the very spacious space for the tall driver, as well as a variety of individually adjustable stacking options and other characteristics, Junghein in the new car development stage to attach great importance to ergonomics is Needless to say, these excellent Product characteristics, are the most advanced level of internal logistics equipment, the embodiment of technology!

The main features of the new forklift, it is in order to meet customer demand for special applications to optimize the ability to adjust. In the introduction of the ECE series of the first new version of the time, Jungheinrich for the forklift category to re-set the corresponding standards. The use of such a forklift of the many users of the logistics concept vary widely, so that their performance for the forklift

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