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Forklift industry by the rapid development of performance and service uncompromising attention

Forklift in the enterprise’s logistics system plays a very important role, is the main force in the material handling equipment. With the promotion and application of logistics technology, the development of forklifts and the technological progress of the ancillary parts, the wider use of forklifts, has become a multi-series, multi-species logistics transport, handling, storage handling machinery and equipment. After 60 years of development, China’s forklift industry has made considerable progress and progress. Especially since the 20th century, China’s forklift industry has entered the “golden development period”, the development environment improved significantly, the rapid expansion of production scale, product performance improved significantly, the quality of service gradually improved.

Zoomlion industrial vehicles into the glass market professional fine forklift recognized

Recently, Zoomlion forklift products in Shandong Province Jin Jing Group put into use, Jin Jing Group is a 106-year history of domestic flat glass production enterprises, the Zoomlion and Jin Jing Group reached a strategic partnership to show the China United Heavy quality forklift products of high quality performance and high stability.

According to reports, due to the fragile characteristics of glass products, the handling of glass forklift products have a very high standards and requirements. “Glass market on the forklift product quality requirements not only in the carrying capacity, but also on the stability of the forklift has a high standard and high demand for the vehicle’s hydraulic system, brake system stability requirements are very high.” Section relevant person in charge said.

Jin Jing Group revealed that the company on the purchase of forklift products require strict, so decided to try a second Zoomlion forklift products. After a period of trial, the company that Zoomlion forklift products, whether performance or stability are very good.

Finally, Zoomlion and Jin Jing Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and signed a purchase order.

It is understood that not only in the glass market, Zoomlion large tonnage forklifts and stone cars and other special forklifts are for the timber market, stone market and other industries to serve, Zoomlion forklift from the technology, procurement, manufacturing, Fully grasp the quality of the product, the manufacturing process meticulous, excellence, to ensure that the various markets on the product quality requirements, stable performance and quality of the customer’s recognition and praise.

In the forklift industry, the glass market, stone market, timber market, etc. are part of the market segment, we will deepen the market segment, in order to adapt to the private market, the product will continue to be proprietary Refined and refined.

Liugong forklift and the logistics of the country’s strategic cooperation to open a new chapter

On the morning of November 28, 2016, Meng Yu, executive vice president of Guoben Holdings Co., Ltd., led the state-owned logistics team to carry out inspection work on Liugong forklift. After inspection, Guodu Logistics Co., Ltd. signed a strategy with Liugong forklift Cooperation agreement. The marriage with the country logistics, marking the Liugong forklift and logistics industry cooperation towards a new era.

It is understood that the country (Shanghai) International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the State Holdings Limited, the company located in Shanghai Pudong.

Liuzhou Liugong Forklift Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., which is a professional forklift manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company was incorporated in August 10, 2007, the registered capital of 248 million yuan, with an annual output of 30,000 trucks and parts of its production capacity. The company’s main products include internal combustion forklifts, battery forklifts and warehouses forklift three series. Among them, the internal combustion forklift series covers 1 ton ~ 16 tons forklift products, battery forklift series, covering 1 ton ~ 3 tons forklift products.

In fact, as early as 2014, Liugong forklift with the country began to cooperate with the logistics, with excellent product quality, service quality and good relations of cooperation, Liugong forklift has been the customer’s trust. The cooperation for the Liugong forklift more quickly and steadily into the logistics industry to consolidate the foundation, marking the Liugong forklift and logistics industry cooperation towards a new era.

Colon Trucks showcased the latest technology and products at the 2016 Asian Logistics Show

Crown is one of the world’s largest material handling companies. At the 2016 Asian Logistics Show last month, Crown-Colon exhibited its advanced forklift technology and demonstrated the integration of customer productivity by demonstrating on-site operations.

Advanced technology solutions include QuickPickRemote (QPR) for rapid selection of remote picking remote control systems, AutoPositioningSystem (APS) automatic positioning system for special narrow-channel forklifts, and re-verified InfoLink wireless operator and fleet management system Emphasizing the advantages of interlocking between forklifts, operators and facilities to improve work efficiency and overall business results.

QuickPick quickly picks up the remote control system to enable low-level picking operations to be completed by remote control, reducing operator steps up to 50% and up to 75% up and down operations, giving operators more freedom of control, increasing productivity and reducing operational cost. Customer feedback says that each picking action can save 5 seconds, resulting in higher efficiency for the picking process.

Crown’s AutoPositioningSystem auto-positioning system can be equipped with TSP three-way forklifts to improve safety and productivity with radio frequency identification (RFID). The system enables the forklift driving and lifting functions to be done automatically with the most efficient path between the truck and the destination.

InfoLink wireless operator and fleet management solutions provide greater security, operator compliance, and productivity while reducing costs and optimizing fleet operations. The InfoLink system can be installed on Crown Corrugated trucks or on other brands of forklifts. InfoLink can reduce the collision by 80%, increase fleet management efficiency by 12% and provide measurable return on investment.

As part of Crown’s leading technology, Yang Yongshun, product manager for Colon Market, delivered a keynote speech on “Lean Manufacturing and Smart Logistics” at the Logistics and ICT Seminar, which explains how Crown can help users Investment to achieve lean production.

2016 Asia Logistics is the largest in-house logistics exhibition in East Asia, attracting more than 78,000 professional visitors and more than 500 exhibitors from around the world. The exhibition is held every year at the Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Dongfanghong off-road forklift to create value for users

Dongfanghong off-road forklift by the user recognition, sales continue to rise.

Depends on the forklift off-road performance is not OK, product quality how, only in the harsh environment to be verified to be persuasive. In September this year, Guangdong customers through consultation, comparison, the first purchase of an Dongfanghong five tons of cross-country forklift trial. At the beginning of the customer also on the quality of Dongfanghong off-road forklift skeptical, after nearly two months after the use of completely assured. Users reflect the Dongfanghong cross-country forklift to adapt to more than 90% of the complex terrain, in the course of the use of sewage, slopes, stone, muddy ground, ramps, ladder, road ditch, unfinished rural roads and other venues and bad Condition, can maintain the forklift machine performance is stable, safe and reliable, and the product after-sales service timely and thoughtful, has been recognized by the user for the user to complete the project schedule in advance to play an irreplaceable role. With the increase in the amount of the user works, the recent renewal of two Dongfanghong five tons of cross-country forklift.

Kay proud of the first exhibition forklift forklift

Recently, Kay proud of the latest balance of heavy forklift trucks and warehouses appeared at the British Birmingham International Logistics and Transportation Exhibition (IMHX), located in the central booth of the latest 1.6-ton truck-mounted forklift for the first time to meet with the audience, and instantly focused The eyes of the audience.

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