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forklift business development

Bao Li latest forward forklift ER16 equipped with three free mast, the maximum lifting height of 11.525 meters. The use of high-strength steel, AC motor and CANBUS technology to ensure the reliability of the vehicle operating performance and convenient maintenance, traction motor speed of up to 12 km h, the vehicle’s electrical systems and wiring harness to achieve a waterproof and dustproof protection (Degree of protection is IP45).

In addition, Bao Li also exhibited KB30 diesel forklift, KBE20 four-point battery forklift and KBET15 three-point battery forklift. These product lines from the KB family provide users with a variety of material handling solutions. At the same time, as Baoli product family to achieve the accessories to share, greatly facilitate the maintenance of after-sales staff. In addition, Bao Li warehousing products covered from 1 to 2.5 tons of electric pallet truck and electric pallet truck.

“We are looking for new products that will allow our customers to understand that Bao Li is not just an excellent supplier of diesel forklifts,” said Rory, general manager of material handling in Europe.

“Participate in this exhibition to achieve our desired goal,” Kay proud of Li Li, general manager of the British distributor, Ian said, “This exhibition gives us the most direct effect is that we received a lot of orders at the show, including We have also met some potential agents and believe that they will soon become a member of our dealer team. “

Through this exhibition, Kai proud of Li further consolidate the leading position in the UK market.

Together forklift: the world’s top eight “anti-attack” of the road

October 9 afternoon, located in Hefei Economic Development Zone of the Hopewell Industrial Park, ushered in from around the world to participate in the shares of 20 years of activities held guests, in their witness, together with the guests to share the brand together in the world Eight of the numerous fruits, depicting the “thirteen five” grand blueprint, showing the force of “artisan spirit” of professional quality. At the end of the celebration, the guests also visited the lineup product show, watched the latest product intelligent logistics system demonstration.

As an old state-owned enterprise established in 1958, Anhui has been the first in China since 1995. It has successfully landed a total of 20 years in China’s A-share market, and on behalf of the Chinese national forklift brand into the world industrial vehicles Top eight. Since the establishment, has created a traditional Chinese industrial manufacturing miracle: 58 years has always been profitable; the industry’s only state-owned holding enterprises; industry’s first state-level enterprise technology center; 20 years cash dividend of up to 1.198 billion yuan, accounting for cumulative Net profit of 32%; two consecutive Chinese Quality Award nomination award, Shanghai Stock Exchange Information Disclosure Nomination Award, Anhui Provincial Government Quality Award winner.

Since the listing, together to develop a clear brand development strategy (into the world top five, a first-class brand), through a series of scientific management ideas and methods, together from a single layout of the forklift from the gradual development of diversified, the company also carried out a series of Connotation transformation, enterprises began to integrate into the development of “fast lane”, the development adds a new impetus.

At present, Anhui together has an annual output of 10 million units of forklift strength, in addition to China to build a billion industrial vehicle industry platform, the world has established more than 80 agents, the products are exported to more than 140 countries, and in France North to invest together to build the European Center. Global brand influence growing.

In the celebration of the video, the guests see a string of technical experts, the position of the staff of the name, is that they always adhere to the “artisan spirit”, creating a joint forklift today’s quality and fruitful. Is this gang of people, continuous innovation, excellence, from generation to generation of good quality, composed of flesh and blood, feeling righteous, courageous knowledge of the backbone.

Li Hao, a veteran employee who is about to retire, at the celebration he said with deep tears and affectionately said: “It is a force to give me life and career, and I will always be grateful if I can join a screw together.” On behalf of all staff wish the healthy development of enterprises, and always maintain vitality.

Anhui forklift group party secretary, chairman Zhang Dejin touched by the trust of employees, he said at the scene, since this year, together will be held gold medal staff, bronze staff selection activities, so that outstanding old employees always feel the strength of the family The warmth, they are together the most valuable wealth.

Together to forklift always adhere to the people-oriented, will be the value of the brand and the combination of corporate culture, the pursuit of corporate science, sound, harmonious and sustainable development, adhering to the “create value for customers, create opportunities for employees to create wealth for shareholders, and related interests The development of the enterprise, the development of enterprises so that the Government assured that the community, shareholders, suppliers, employees and stakeholders to win-win cooperation and common progress to brand as a link, and actively assume social responsibility and create a harmonious environment, Interest is always an important part of the enterprise value chain.

Successful technology introduction and digestion thanks to Anhui together for long-term focus on independent innovation and guardian. From the introduction of foreign advanced forklift manufacturing technology, to independent research and development with the leading international level of forklift products, Anhui together spent a full 20 years.

After the listing, Anhui together more attention to scientific and technological innovation in the development of enterprises in the driving force, each year to come up with sales income of 3% to 5% for R & D expenses. The technology center of the company has been approved as a state-level enterprise technology center. The technology center currently has more than 800 scientific research personnel. It is a research institute integrating research, trial production, experiment and management. It has a mechanical forklift engineering research center, Anhui Province Industrial Vehicle Key Laboratory, Postdoctoral Workstation, Anhui Industrial Design Center, etc., to build a front-end public technology and basic technical support platform, product and industry R & D platform, backward service platform matrix product development system, research and innovation capacity in International leading, the national advanced level.

The R & D management structure of the company is guided by the latest research and development management theory, taking IBM, Huawei and other enterprises as the benchmark for the best practice, combined with the company’s specific reality with the characteristics of the R & D management system. In recent years, the company began to introduce integrated product development IPD thinking, comprehensively promote the application of IPD process, after a comprehensive construction and continuous optimization, the establishment of the IPD concept to lead to market demand-oriented product development management system to management system, Processes and activities to strengthen the technical staff of the market awareness, cost awareness, accurate positioning of new products, accurate to meet user needs.

According to incomplete statistics: 2010-2015, Anhui together to develop new products 485, of which three key national new products, provincial high-tech products 16, the provincial new product 28, access to provincial and municipal science and technology Progress Award 6; presided over or participated in the development of national standards 27, industry standard 12; has authorized patents 805, 45 invention patents, “a” energy recovery with energy-saving forklift hydraulic system “is won the fourth Anhui Province Patent Gold Award.

At the event site, invited guests Germany SAP Greater China vice president, general manager of industry value engineering Peng Junsong and Anhui together chief economist Zhang Mengqing made a keynote speech. Peng Jun-song to Germany manufacturing 4.0 development strategy as an example, elaborated on China’s manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the path and possible choice of measures, Zhang Mengqing combined with China’s “thirteen five” plan, describes the future development of Anhui together blueprint.

Now the “thirteen five” development period, is to achieve the Chinese nation “Chinese dream” key stage, and as an important part of the “Chinese dream” – industrial power projects, must be ten million outstanding national enterprises to build , Such as Anhui together such an industry leader is more incumbent.

electric pallet jack with scale
Zhang Dejin, chairman of the board said that at present, Anhui together in the world industrial vehicle eighth position, in front of the Qiangqiang mainly by Germany, Japan and the United States traditional manufacturing power occupied by emerging forces to challenge the traditional tyrannical, placed in front of the challenges of Anhui and Stress can not be underestimated. But at the same time, Anhui together also has most of the competitors are envious of the scale of industrial facilities, cohesive strong cadres and staff and a positive corporate culture. We have reason to believe that: together with the joint efforts of all staff, together will focus on “the world’s top five, one hundred years together,” the strategic vision, continue to accelerate the “product, market, industry,” the three major structural adjustment, and actively build ” Business, international forklift business, after the market business, parts business, automated logistics equipment, “the five business segments, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, forge ahead, committed to become a global forklift experts, is committed to becoming China’s leading provider of automated logistics equipment, Yu Cheng as a respected outstanding enterprise groups, is committed to become a great promoter of the Chinese nation to promote.

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