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Forklift parts common to cross-brand, different series and type of forklift brings a lot of advantages

1, the parts manufacturers, different types of different types of parts to be a separate mold, resulting in carbon emissions, cost of the Earth’s resources. After the generalization of parts, can reduce the cost of mold, effectively reduce the cost of production plant mold, but also will reduce the production costs.

2, the forklift machine factory, can improve vehicle research and development efficiency, shorten the development cycle, reduce the quality of risk, assembly process, effectively reduce the whole plant R & D and manufacturing costs, enhance the competitiveness of forklifts.

3, the forklift accessories vendors, can quickly grasp a variety of different brands, series, type of forklift parts applications and quotes, etc., a short period of time to become a professional accessories talent. No longer for talent and all kinds of quotes, pictures, models, etc. tired, or only familiar with a type of forklift, focus on a brand of accessories experts.

4, the procurement business, can effectively reduce the procurement costs, to avoid duplication of purchase, reduce communication costs, lower maintenance costs.

5, with the entire accessories industry, forklift parts generalization of the entire industry to innovate the parts and components technology, has a significant role in promoting the implementation of the standard is conducive to

6, making the parts interchangeability stronger.

forklift models

Of course, this large-scale common parts will bring some disadvantages.

1, due to the general needs of enterprises before the large number of market testing and validation, design, repeated testing, the need for cost reduction and the potential quality problems caused by customer complaints.

2, the general parts of the design defects or quality problems, it is easy to cause a number of machine manufacturers or parts manufacturers at the same time there are quality problems, economic losses.

3, product specifications, performance and quality of the same, so that the cost of competition to become the only part of the market competition means, leading to difficult to sustainable development of enterprises; enterprise research and development of new products, new technology desire to decline, personalized customization or non-standard products to reduce, Not conducive to technological progress.

4, in order to protect the brand value, the forklift brand, will be dedicated and patented, intellectual property and other means with the major parts suppliers signed between the original accessories protection agreement, parts will be destroyed after the cooperation between the common The

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