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fork truck

fork truck
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fork truck – Operating procedures
(A) check the vehicle
(1) before the forklift pallet jack operation, should check the appearance, filling fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water.
(2) check the start, run and brake performance.
(3) check the lights, sound signal is complete and effective.
(4) forklift pallet jack operation should check the pressure, the temperature is normal.
(5) after the forklift pallet jack should also check the external leakage and timely replacement of seals.
(6) battery forklift pallet jack in addition to check the above content, but also according to the battery car to check the contents of the battery forklift pallet jack circuit to check.
(B) start
(1) before the start, observe the surrounding, to confirm no obstacle to traffic safety obstacles, the first whistle, after the start.
(2) pneumatic brake vehicles, brake barometer readings must meet the required value to start.
(3) forklift pallet jack in the load started, the driver should first confirm the goods contained in a smooth and reliable.
(4) start slowly and smooth start.
(C) driving
(1) driving, the fork at the bottom of the ground height should be maintained 300-400mm, mast to be tilted.
(2) should not be raised when the fork is too high. Access to the job site or on the way, we should pay attention to whether there are obstacles across the scratch. When the load is running, such as fork and rise too high, but also increase the overall height of the forklift pallet jack truck height, affecting the stability of the forklift pallet jack.
(3) after unloading should first drop the fork to the normal driving position and then travel.
(4) When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, a signal should be signaled and a high-speed turn is prohibited. High speed sharp turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tipping.
(5) internal combustion forklift pallet jack in the downhill is strictly prohibited flame glide.
(6) non-special circumstances, prohibit the movement of vehicles in the brakes.
(7) When the load is more than 7 degrees and the slope is higher than the speed of a block, the brake may not be used in non-special circumstances.
(8) forklift pallet jack in the operation to comply with the provisions of the factory traffic rules, must be in front of the vehicle to maintain a certain safe distance.
(9) When the forklift pallet jack is running, the load must be at the lowest position that does not interfere with the movement. The gantry shall be properly tilted, and the load shall not be increased during stacking or loading. In the handling of large objects, the object to block the driver’s line of sight, then should open the forklift pallet jack.
(10) forklift pallet jack from the rear wheel control steering, it must always pay attention to the post-car swing, to avoid beginners driving often appear when the phenomenon of turning too fast.
(11) It is forbidden to turn on a ramp and not to travel across a ramp.
(12) forklift pallet jack cargo downhill, should be backwards to prevent the goods fall.
(4) loading and unloading
(1) forked items, should be adjusted on the two fork fork spacing, so that the fork load balance, not skewed, one side of the items should be attached to the shelves, fork load weight should meet the requirements of the load center curve signs.
(2) the height of the load shall not obscure the driver’s sight.
(3) During the loading and unloading of items, the brake must be used to brake the forklift pallet jack.
(4) forklift pallet jack close to or withdrawal of goods, the speed should be slow and steady, pay attention to the wheels do not rolling items, wooden mats, so as not to fall from the rolling material.
(5) When the goods are taken with the fork, the fork shall be as deep as possible under the load, and the cargo fork can not be touched against other goods or objects. The minimum gantry should be used to stabilize the load to avoid sliding the load backwards. When the load is released, the mast can be tilted in a small amount to accommodate loading and loading.
(6) prohibit high-speed fork to take the goods and with a fork and hard objects collision.
(7) forklift pallet jack operations, prohibit people standing on the fork.
(8) forklift pallet jack fork operation, prohibit people standing around the fork, so as to avoid the collapse of the goods hurt.
(9) prohibit the use of fork lift personnel engaged in high operations, so as to avoid a high fall accident.
(10) are not allowed to use the inertia of the brake items.

Purchase guide
First, the use of meaning
And the traditional sense of the use of forklift pallet jack fork fork cargo pallet handling and stacking compared to a dedicated application can greatly improve the efficiency of the use of forklift pallet jacks, reduce operating costs. (Forward / reverse), side / shift, push / pull, flip (forward / backward), separate / close (adjust fork spacing), telescopic and other functions , Which is the ordinary forklift pallet jack fork can not complete the action.

forklift pallet jack special application of the application of the meaning can be summarized as follows:
1. High production efficiency, low operating costs.
Mechanized handling is shorter than traditional manpower handling operations, while reducing labor costs and costs and improving work efficiency. In the same handling cycle, the number of times the forklift pallet jack is significantly reduced, the corresponding tires / gears / fuel consumption of the forklift pallet jack are also reduced and the operating costs are reduced accordingly.

2. Operation safe and reliable, reducing the accident rate.
Designed and produced by professional forklift pallet jack manufacturers for the different conditions of the industry are designed to have safety devices, in the case of abnormal folder (or fork) of the goods is not easy to fall, such as the folder with the holding device ( Carrying the goods, the tubing burst, the hydraulic system to maintain the pressure, the goods will not fall); side shift class with the end of the buffer device, etc., to reduce the accident rate.

3. Cargo loss is small.
With the help of special features such as clamping / lateral movement / rotation, the goods can be transported more safely or heaped or unloaded, and the cargo loss is minimized. The use of the fixture also reduces the frequency of use of the pallet (eg, without pallet handling), and the corresponding purchase and maintenance costs are reduced.

Product Categories
Depending on the structure and use of the fixture, we can simply classify the forklift pallet jack as follows:
1, side fork
It is used to move the goods with the pallet to the right and left position to facilitate the accurate forking and stacking of the goods. The efficiency of the forklift pallet jack is improved, the service life of the forklift pallet jack is prolonged, the labor intensity of the operator is reduced, the warehouse space is saved, The utilization of the warehouse.

Side fork
Side fork (2 sheets)
Installation level: ISO 2/3/4 level
Installation form: plug-in, integral
Carrying capacity: 2500 ~ 8000kg
Function description: (left and right) side shift
2, adjust the fork fork
Through the hydraulic adjustment fork fork spacing, to achieve the handling of different specifications of the tray of goods; no operator to manually adjust the fork spacing. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator.
Installation level: ISO 2/3/4 level
Installation type: hanging type, the whole type (both use the original forklift pallet jack fork type and with fork)
Carrying capacity: 1500 ~ 8000kg
Functional Description: Adjust the fork spacing
3, before the fork
Take a farther pallet or cargo, such as loading and unloading quickly and easily from the side of a compartment of the carriage. Usually used in conjunction with the fork and fork, and are more efficient.
Installation level: ISO2 / 3 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: ~ 2000kg
Paper clip
Paper clip
Functional Description: to achieve the tray before and after the move, fork to take the remote goods
4, paper roll folder
For the paper roll, plastic film roll, cement pipes, steel and other cylindrical cargo handling, to achieve rapid and non-destructive cargo handling and stacking.
Installation level: ISO 2/3/4 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: 1200kg ~ 1500kg (sliding arm type)
Functional Description: Clamp, rotation, side shift
5, soft package
For cotton spinning bag, wool bag, pulp bag, waste paper bag, foam soft
Soft bobbin
Soft bobbin
Bag and so on without pallet cargo handling.
Installation level: ISO 2/3/4 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: 1400kg ~ 5300kg
Functional Description: Clamp, rotation, side shift
6, multi-purpose flat (large) folder
The realization of carton, wooden boxes, metal boxes and other box-like goods (household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.) without tray handling, saving the tray procurement and maintenance costs and reduce costs.
Installation level: ISO2 / 3 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: 700kg ~ 2000kg
Functional Description: Clamp, side shift
7, cigarettes folder
Tobacco for the tobacco industry, especially suitable
Carton clip
Carton clip (2 sheets)
?Non-palletized handling of re-baked tobacco box. Take one, two or more tobacco boxes at a time.
Installation level: ISO2 / 3 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: 800kg ~ 2000kg
Functional Description: Clamp, rotation, side shift
8, (inverted) barrel folder
Used for 1 to 4 chemical, food industry 55 gallons of standard oil tank without tray handling and dumping
(Inverted) barrel folder
(Inverted) barrel folder
Down, but also the production of special barrels with a special barrel (such as: micro-barrels folder, trash cans).
Installation level: ISO2 / 3 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: 700kg ~ 1250kg
Function Description: Clamp, (forward) rotation, lateral movement
9, fork clip
Can be used for fork tray cargo can also be used for gripping the goods, but also for the use of fork, such as fork in the removable arm can be mounted, can hold oil drums, stone (brick) blocks and other goods.
Installation level: ISO 2/3/4 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: 1500kg ~ 8000kg (fork to take); 700kg ~ 4800kg (folder)
Fork clip
Fork clip
Function Description: Clamp, (forward) rotation, lateral movement
10, push the puller
Used for the unit cargo without palletizing and stacking operations, in the food, light industry, widely used in the electronics industry. Skateboards can be used paper skateboard, plastic skateboard, fiber skateboard, eliminating the need to buy, storage, maintenance tray and other costs.
Installation level: ISO2 / 3 level
Installation type: hanging type, fast mounted (directly installed on the forklift pallet jack fork)
Carrying capacity: 1700kg ~ 2400kg
Function Description: Pull the goods into and / or push the skateboard
Push puller
Push Puller (2 sheets)

11, rotator
Can be rotated 360 degrees, used to flip the goods and emptying the container, the goods overturned or the vertical goods placed horizontally. Can be used with other belongings, so that has a rotating function. Also available for casting, fishing and explosion-proof products.
Installation level: ISO 2/3/4 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: 2000kg ~ 3600kg
Function Description: Rotation, side shift
12, two with fork clip
The fork is rotated in both horizontal and vertical positions, with functions that can be used to fork the goods and to hold the goods. They can also be rotated to 45 ¡ã with ramps to fork the barrels and the cylindrical cargo.
Installation level: ISO2 / 3 level
Installation form: Mount type
Carrying capacity: 2000kg ~ 3600kg (fork to take); 1250kg ~ 2500kg (folder)
Function description: (fork) rotation, lateral movement
13, forklift pallet jack technical maintenance measures:
(1) daily maintenance, after each class work;
(2) a technical maintenance, accumulated work 100 hours later, a group of work is equivalent to 2 weeks;
(3) secondary technical maintenance, accumulated
Two with fork clip
Two with fork clip
After 500 hours of work, a group of work is equivalent to a quarter.
14, the valve out of the valve repair
The wear parts of the oil valve are mainly the wear of the oil valve decompression ring, the valve seat and the joint with the pressure reducing belt.

The pressure relief ring and the upper end of the valve seat are easily ground into a tapered shape to increase the clearance. The damage caused by the wear of the vacuum belt is:
When the fuel injection pump is in operation, the relief ring does not all expose the seat, resulting in an increase in the residual pressure of the high pressure tubing. In the fuel pump to stop the supply of oil, the pressure inside the high pressure tubing is still high, making the injector fuel is not simply, resulting in oil or drip oil phenomenon, the engine will appear in the high-speed percussion sound, low speed operation instability.
When the oil valve seal is damaged, it will cause the high pressure tubing to reverse the oil leakage, so that the high pressure tubing to stop the oil pressure when the oil is reduced. In the case of the second injection, it takes more time to increase the oil pressure in the tubing to the injection pressure, resulting in the injection time lag. As the sealing is broken and oil leakage, fuel supply is also reduced.
1. Check the surface quality of the oil valve
(1) pressure belt wear serious.
(2) Conical surface with metal peeling or deep scratches.
(3) Conical surface wear too much.
(4) the oil valve has cracks.
(5) out of the oil valve and the seat of the cone surface corrosion.

2. Test the sliding performance of the valve
The oil valve and the valve seat in the diesel soaked out, hold the valve seat, in the vertical direction out of the valve about 1/3 after the release, the oil valve should be able to rely on self-free fall to the seat support surface. The oil valve will be rotated at any angle to test, the results are the same, as qualified.
basic concept
After the safety forklift pallet jack, in fact, has changed the original design of the forklift pallet jack state, so in the actual operation of the forklift pallet jack carrying capacity will happen how to change? Will it affect the operation and use of the forklift pallet jack? Before analyzing the situation, we need to understand the following concepts, these are the actual carrying capacity of the forklift pallet jack with the most closely linked factors; also calculate and determine the forklift pallet jack comprehensive carrying capacity is indispensable.
1. the amount of load
The load is the maximum weight that can be safely carried under a certain load center.
2. Load center distance
The load center distance is the distance from the front surface of the frame to the load center of gravity.
3. Loss of load
The distance from the front surface of the fork to the front surface of the frame (ie, the thickness of the fixture).

Selection Notes
The face of different areas of the business environment of the customer, the mode of operation and the use or will be the purchase of different forklift pallet jacks, how to choose a suitable for their own business environment, the situation of forklift pallet jacks? Often, the customer must provide the actual operating conditions and requirements for the use to the forklift pallet jack OEMs or their sales agents or affiliated companies. Based on these important information, the forklift pallet jack main engine factory or its sales agents or affiliated companies can only carry out the selection work.
The following are the factors to consider when choosing a tool:
(1) what kind of goods carried by customers: such as paper rolls, soft bags, barrels, appliances, tubes, trays and other items.
(2) cargo weight: (including tray) kg, length (along the direction of travel) mm, width / diameter mm, height mm.
(3) outer surface / contact surface (outer packing).
(4) transport: a. Tray transport: the size of the cargo tray mm, tray jack height mm; b. No pallet transport: cargo stack spacing mm, the number of goods.
(5) specific handling information / actual environment: how the customer will carry these goods: push / hold / rotate (horizontal in the direction of travel) / roll (horizontal in the direction of travel) / lateral movement / roll (along the direction of travel) / Car rear goods / car side of the goods.
(6) customer status information: so far how customers solve the handling problem? How do they want to improve What do they think?
(7) What is the limit in practical application: height, length, width, weight, other.
(8) with the application areas: smelters, construction sites, warehouses, special occasions.
(9) environmental factors: explosive areas, dust, high temperature, low temperature, acid, sugar, salt, food, nutrition, beverages and so on.
(10) About forklift pallet jack: forklift pallet jack type, gantry type, type of selected tool, action function, according to the type and function of the forklift pallet jack to determine the number of additional fuel:
A. A set of action function of the tool, the forklift pallet jack to provide a single additional oil (such as the lateral movement of the lateral shift);
B. Two sets of action function of the tool, the forklift pallet jack to provide double additional oil (such as paper clip arm arm / clamping / rotation);
C. Three sets of action function of the fork, the forklift pallet jack to provide dual additional oil and the installation of a solenoid valve device (such as rotating side of the flexible folder of the opening / clamping, side shift, rotation).
(11) the existing forklift pallet jack or to purchase new cars? (Whether there is a forklift pallet jack transformation problems, such as: add additional oil, etc.)
(12) Installation costs (labor costs, hydraulic system modification time-consuming (if necessary), the cost of the corresponding purchase, etc.)

Choose the forklift pallet jack to consider the overall solution
Different storage models need to configure different forklift pallet jacks, the implementation of the matching mode in the first-in first-out or advanced, space utilization, operating efficiency and investment costs will have a big difference. For example, the traditional heavy-duty shelves with counterbalanced forklift pallet jack can achieve arbitrary shelves to take goods, high operating efficiency, moderate investment costs, wide application, but lack of space utilization; entry-type shelves are often with the forward forklift pallet jack Or small tonnage balance heavy forklift pallet jack use, stacking high density, good space utilization, but can not achieve any shelf fork to take the goods;
First, fully understand their own forklift pallet jack operating environment, and then select the appropriate models and configuration
What is the goods you are carrying? What size of the card board? Do you want to enter the elevator or container? What is the size of the channel? …
The forklift pallet jack has the basic functions of moving the goods and lifting the same level, with the ability to stack, load and pick up. In the case of information such as the weight, the volume, the shape, the height of the cargo, the height of the channel and the passage of the inside of the plant (channel width, ground load, whether it is necessary to prevent static electricity, dust and pollution prevention, noise) Determine what kind of forklift pallet jack you need and how to configure it. At the same time, you can consult 1-3 different forklift pallet jack companies to consult, to reduce the information asymmetry.
Second, the cost of calculation
There are many companies in the purchase of forklift pallet jacks in the process, never carefully calculate the purchase cost. To put an end to the waste on the equipment, you should clearly know the number of equipment you need to be scientific and maximize the use of its conversion into productivity.
The price of the forklift pallet jack is just the tip of the “iceberg”
If only from the perspective of investment costs, give a simple example, the goods from A to 100 meters away from the B, we can choose not to spend a penny to buy a forklift pallet jack and completely use the goods to transport the past, you can Choose to use a few thousand dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands, several million dollars ranging from forklift pallet jack equipment to carry the goods in the past, from the initial forklift pallet jack procurement costs, the difference is extremely poor, but if the calculation of its integrated operating costs , May be the lowest investment in equipment required for the highest single cargo handling costs.
Third, in the choice of leasing and direct purchase
Rental forklift pallet jack has become a popular trend in developed countries in Europe and America, in the United States have 1/3 of the construction machinery is completed by leasing. Due to different national conditions, the Chinese forklift pallet jack rental is still in its infancy. In economically developed areas (coastal), forklift pallet jack rental is in full swing. For the future, China’s forklift pallet jack rental business will be the same as the developed countries, in the material handling industry occupies a very important proportion.
Fourth, positioning the right brand
In the world more than 500 brands of forklift pallet jacks, there are hundreds in China. The world’s top 20 forklift pallet jack manufacturers, 90% in China have manufacturing plants and agents. To professional media and institutions to understand the Chinese market in the sale of forklift pallet jack brand.
Five, the final decision
If your business to carry out large-scale procurement of forklift pallet jacks (10 or more), you need to entrust to a professional and independent tender company (for forklift pallet jacks and industrial vehicles are well aware) or logistics consulting firm to help. In order to save the cost of procurement, to prevent the purchase process of the black box operation, the final decision to purchase must be in their own hands.
Finally need to explain, the cheapest forklift pallet jack supplier is not necessarily the best, as you buy other consumer goods, like a sub-price goods. forklift pallet jacks are industrial products that require long-term stable service as a support. If a forklift pallet jack of a supplier below the normal selling price, you can think of what the service will be when you buy it. Smart buyers, is not only look at the price of forklift pallet jacks, the need for comprehensive assessment and then to decide.

Maintenance and repair
Mechanical forklift pallet jack use Note:
At present, forklift pallet jack manufacturing industry in the world’s largest and most promising market, has a certain development potential, while a series of industries such as forklift pallet jack maintenance industry has become an indispensable new industry nowadays. Then the maintenance and maintenance can be divided into a forklift pallet jack maintenance and maintenance of two forklift pallet jacks.

Then the following maintenance work can be added when the routine maintenance program is carried out.
1, check the thermostat is working properly.
2, check the transmission shift is normal.
3, check the fan belt tightness.
4, check the diesel tank oil inlet filter has blocked the damage, and clean or replace the filter.
5, check and adjust the valve clearance.
6, check and adjust the hand, foot brake brake pads and brake drum gap.
7, check the generator and starter motor is installed firmly, and the wiring is clean and solid, check the carbon brush and commutator whether the wear and tear.
8, replace the oil in the oil pan, check the crankcase ventilation nozzle is intact, cleaning oil filter and diesel filter cartridge.
9, check the cylinder pressure or vacuum.
10, check whether the wheel installation is firm, tire pressure is attached to the requirements, and remove the tread embedded debris.
11, due to maintenance work and break up parts, when the re-assembly after the forklift pallet jack road test.
(1) different degrees of braking performance, should be no deviation, snake line. On the steep slope, hand brake tension, can be reliable parking.
(2) listen to the engine in the acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no load, etc., with or without abnormal sound.
(3) Road test a mileage, you should check the brake, transmission, front axle housing, gear pump with or without overheating.
(4) fork lift speed is normal, with or without trembling.
12, check the multi-way valve, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work is normal.

Electric forklift pallet jack summer use Note:
First, the characteristics of high temperature and humidity
High temperature, high humidity conditions, the temperature is high, hot weather, to the driver’s safety operations will also have a great impact.
1, high temperature engine cooling performance deterioration, the temperature is too high, so that the power, the economy deteriorated.
2, easy to produce water tank “boil”, fuel supply system blockage, battery “loss liquid”, hydraulic brake due to swelling and deformation of the cup, the tire pressure with the outside temperature and blasting.
3, high temperature, high humidity, the forklift pallet jack parts of the lubricating oil (grease) easy to thinner, decreased lubrication performance, resulting in heavy load mechanical wear and tear increased.
4, due to higher temperatures, coupled with mosquito bites, the driver’s sleep affected, and thus prone to mental fatigue and heat stroke phenomenon is not conducive to safe operation.
5, thunderstorms more weather, because the road. Loading and unloading site with water, reduce the adhesion, easy to slip, affecting the forklift pallet jack, personnel, cargo safety.

Second, driving instructions
1, into the summer before, in advance to prepare, release the engine, drive axle, transmission, steering machine, etc. in the winter grease, after cleaning according to the provisions of the summer filling grease.
2, clean the waterway, remove the scale of the cooling system, clear the radiator heat sink. Always check the tightness of the fan belt.
3, the appropriate adjustment of the generator regulator to reduce the generator charging current.
4, pay attention to prevent the operation of the engine overheating, always pay attention to the instructions of the coolant thermometer reading, if the coolant temperature is too high, to take measures to cool. To keep the amount of coolant, add attention to prevent the coolant boiling caused by burns.
5, to always check the tire temperature and pressure, if necessary, should be stopped in the shade, to be reduced after the tire temperature to continue operations, shall not use deflated or poured cold water way to cool down, so as not to reduce tire life.
6, to regularly check the braking performance, in order to prevent the brake master cylinder or pump bowl aging, expansion and deformation of the brake fluid vaporization caused by failure of the brake failure.
7, adjust the battery electrolyte density, and clear the battery cover on the ventilation holes, keep the electrolyte higher than the partition 10-15mm, as the case of adding distilled water.
8, before the operation to ensure adequate sleep, to keep energetic. Such as homework in the spirit of burnout, drowsy, unresponsive, etc., should immediately stop the rest, or cold water to cheer the spirit, to ensure that traffic, safe operation.
9, do a good job cooling work to prevent heat stroke.
Finally check to confirm the good parts before they can be put into normal use.
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