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Environmental forklift in China has become a trend

In January, China released new diesel emission standards to improve air quality. Forklift manufacturers must also act immediately to provide more environmentally friendly models. Kai proud of the brand company Bao Li has long been ready.

Every day, more than 50 million non-road diesel engines are bustling for China’s economic construction. Each year, there will be about 200 million new non-road diesel machinery to join the team. New machinery, almost one-tenth of the 160,000 units are internal combustion forklifts. Non-road diesel machinery consumes more than 100 million tons of diesel fuel in China each year more than 200 million tons of nitrogen oxides.

In order to further control the emissions of non-road diesel machinery pollutants, in January 2016, the Chinese environmental protection department issued a notice that since April 1, 2016, all manufacturing, import and sale of non-road mobile machinery shall not be fitted with ” Road standard “of the third stage of the requirements of the diesel engine (except for agricultural machinery). Since December 1 this year, all manufacturing, import and sale of agricultural machinery shall not be equipped with non-compliance with the requirements of the new diesel engine.

The introduction of new standards for Chinese forklift manufacturers – both domestic and foreign – means that from April 1 this year, they produce, import and sell internal combustion forklift, without exception, should be equipped with new emission standards Emission limits are basically consistent with the European IIIA emission standards) of the diesel engine. In China Construction Machinery Industry Association Industrial Vehicle Association Secretary-General Zhang Jie view, this is imperative. “The implementation of the new standard is conducive to improving the quality of the air, and secondly also conducive to the elimination of old models, to achieve the upgrading of forklifts to high efficiency, low emissions, more environmentally friendly new models to meet customer needs has become the industry development The trend. “Zhang Jie said.

Need to react quickly

The new standard officially implemented more than three months later, the industry forklift manufacturers are the implementation of the new standard results are very different. Some forklift manufacturers and engine manufacturers did not keep up with the reaction rate, the implementation of policies and standards there is an understanding of the error, so that the forklift production enterprises have been affected. While other forklift manufacturers and engine manufacturers in the second five during the country to promote new standards when the action has been together to develop and produce products for the new standard.

Such as Kai proud of the Group in China Jingjiang brand company Bao Li and the Chinese engine manufacturers Weichai power between the cooperation has yielded fruit. As early as a few years ago, Weichai power has been prepared to meet the new emission standards of technology. As one of the earliest start-up engines in the industry, one of the most well-equipped forklift OEMs, Po Li began a new standard of technical preparation in early 2015. When the new standard was formally implemented, all the internal combustion forklifts sold by China, from 1.5 to 10 tons, were already in compliance with the new emission standards. Bao Li’s rapid response and Weichai’s rainy day, so that Bao Li successfully completed from the country two to the country three engine switch.

High demand for services

This is hard to come by. Wang Guihai, general manager of Bao Li, is well aware of his team in the process of achieving this achievement to overcome what challenges. “It’s not hard to change the forklift to an engine,” he explains. “From technology development to testing, to mass production, marketing, and the whole process involves research and development , Testing, quality, production, logistics and sales of many links. “In addition, taking into account the different customer conditions, Bao Li to provide customers with different fuel injection system of the engine of the three products to meet the different Customer demand. The technical advantages of the new engine greatly benefit customers, and its complex fuel injection system also put forward higher requirements for service and maintenance. “Only to the customer to emphasize the importance of the new engine and the importance of maintenance is clearly not enough, but also need to train dealers. More importantly, the market and customer feedback, to be very timely and effective treatment.” Wang Guihai said. Bao Li fully prepared and paid the effort to win the favor of the market. Since the beginning of sales in April since the forklift to the end of July, Bao Li has received nearly 2,000 orders.

To further tighten the emission standards

Market and customers of the Po-lu three prongers praise that Bao Li played a victory. However, it’s just a start. According to Zhang Jie, the Secretary-General, China’s non-road machinery diesel engine emission standards more stringent requirements, and is expected by the end of 2018 the implementation of non-road machinery emissions four standards. In some places, such as Beijing and Shenzhen, even higher than the national standard requirements. In addition, internal combustion forklifts that meet higher emission standards have led to higher costs due to the use of new engines, thus narrowing the price gap between internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts.

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“These will change the past to internal combustion forklift-based market structure, so that the electric forklift in the entire mobile industrial vehicle sales accounted for an increase.” Zhang Jie explained, “from the first half of 2016 data, electric Forklifts in the Chinese market accounted for more than 28% and we estimate that by 2020, this ratio will reach about 40%. “For the national policy trends and changes to the material handling industry, she suggested:” forklift Production enterprises, especially in the internal combustion forklift-based production enterprises, should pay attention to the changes in these trends, make timely adjustments.

At present, the internal combustion forklift in the Chinese market accounted for more than 85% of the sales of Po Li Li has been walking in front of these trends in the consolidation of internal combustion forklift advantage at the same time, also in the layout of electric forklift. Bao Li has reformed its R & D to work with engine manufacturers to develop products that meet higher emission standards. At the same time, in order to reduce the cost of the customer’s burden, from the material, internal processes and operations to take measures to reduce the cost of the new country forklift.

The number of trams will grow

In addition, Bao Li to adjust the direction of research and development, increased the proportion of trams and warehouse trucks R & D personnel to expand the trolley and storage vehicle product line. To this end, Bao Li also set up a special electric forklift and warehouse forklift sales team, and dealers in close cooperation, increase the sales of trams and storage vehicles. This growing team has a clear goal: in the next three years, the Po Li electric forklift and warehouse forklift in China, the proportion of sales increased to 25%. Wang Guihai stressed: “The country ‘s policy and industry trends are changing, but Bao Li has a rainy day, focusing on customer needs, is committed to providing customers with more energy – efficient products.

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