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Dongfanghong off-road forklift, in the orchard came a great use!

Recently, with the arrival of the Apple harvest season, the Chinese trailer handling company from the marketing department and the Department of Service personnel to the Northwest Agricultural Group Apple base, to the group in July to the delivery of seven Dongfanghong TC4015B cross-country forklift in the Orchard base use, whether to meet the orchard handling process and other issues to visit.

To the base, the staff first with the base responsible for the forklift driver Cheng Jingli had a communication. Cheng Jingli expressed gratitude and praise for the return of the factory, and talked about the base of the distribution of cross-country forklift basic situation, followed by the East red cross-country forklift were visited and exchanged with the driver.

pallet jack handle

Off-road forklift mainly in the orchard to move the fruit box, loading and unloading fruit box in the ground, as well as in the nursery ground handling materials. Users said that because the Dongfanghong TC4015B cross-country forklift is a four-wheel drive, off-road performance superior, in the soft nursery ground transfer material is very suitable, no longer like a previously bought a brand 2-wheel drive forklift The

In the interview with the base of the drivers, managers and the leadership of the base to understand: This Dongfanghong cross-country forklift although off-road performance superior, or hope to further enhance the convenience of manipulation; also proposed to consider the reduction of fruit in the Handling, loading and unloading process by the vibration, to reduce the impact of Apple, Apple to reduce the bumps.

Through this visit, the staff of a tractor handling company in China learned that Dongfanghong cross-country forklift in the orchard cultivation, picking, transport the role of the process, as well as customer expectations; the same time, but also more determined to do the confidence of Dongfanghong off-road forklift, Do the application of Dongfanghong off-road forklift in orchards.

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