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Chongzuo power supply to encourage employees to innovate the first-line team to add vitality

March 23, in Guangxi Chongzuo Power Supply Bureau of a warehouse on the first floor of the face, several members of the storage team around the electric forklift before the discussion of a mobile simple device, which caused the author’s curiosity. “This is our storage and distribution classes are discussing the design of a ‘forklift anti-fall safety device’.” The installation of the warehouse is a senior engineer Zhou Jinnan to the author.

“Forklift operation is the most common mode of operation of the warehouse, but also the warehouse’s largest security risk point.As the forklift equipment itself is not designed with anti-fall device, downhill in the warehouse or vertical operation in the high-rise shelves, large materials easy to tilt In order to prevent the goods in the transport does not fall, we are studying the design of a simple and practical forklift anti-fall device. “Warehouse distribution class manager told the author. According to its introduction, the project developed a can be applied to the forklift flexible mobile anti-fall safety device, in the fixed on the plus can be moved on the track. Forklift in the adjustment of the pitch can be flexible to move, fixed on both sides of the installation of anti-fall chain, convenient, mobile, suitable for warehouse operations, practical and strong, to ensure that the goods are carried on both sides of the fence, to ensure safe operation forklift.

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In recent years, the Bureau of logistics service center closely around the “science and technology are primary productive forces,” the main theme, give full play to the wisdom of workers, in the technological innovation stage to pick the gap, play a leading role. “Warehouse team employees are very young, but they are the main body of the production site operation where the need to improve, what kind of working methods the safest and most efficient they are most clear.We have been encouraging employees to work around the practical problems encountered, To draw, the nearest operation, bold attempt, the courage to blaze new trails, and actively declare the results of innovation. “Bureau of logistics service center, said the person in charge. In 2017, the department will focus on the development of “forklift anti-fall safety device”, “warehouse bulk cable cable consolidation program”, “warehouse outdoor cable head waterproofing process” and other innovative projects, and strive to improve quality, saving, Production and other aspects of good results.

It is understood that the Bureau has been in recent years to encourage first-class team to actively carry out technical innovation workers, and always to stimulate the enthusiasm of team members to keep the team’s technological innovation as the primary task of team construction, and multi-channel team innovation platform, Production technology, corporate culture, information security, network construction and other aspects of the new tactics, a practical effect, the formation of the team members to participate in the full innovation work efficiency atmosphere. Has established a Ma Yuping, Wen Xianwen model (technical experts) innovation studio and Qin Guifang female workers innovation studio and a number of typical staff innovation platform, and the emergence of “substation intelligent sensor inspection robot platform” development “,” based on Android system Of the wireless network tester “,” SF6 density meter temperature compensation calibration device “and a number of outstanding achievements of outstanding innovation. By constantly inspiring team members innovative thinking, activate the staff innovation cells, formed a full innovation atmosphere, so that employees become independent innovation team as the source of innovation, as the company continued to develop the booster.

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