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Cab in the “handling of people”

As the saying goes, “three hundred and sixty lines, line out of the champion”, 35-year-old Jiang Yuncheng Jinzhou depot is the driver of the truck in the champion. In the 19th session of the Bureau of vocational skills contest vehicle system (equipment group) final, Jiang Yucheng with their own consummate forklift driving technology, forklift fork tray “workers” word race project technical pacesetter.

Ordinary post, extraordinary skills. In September 2003, Jiang Yuncheng from the troops to recover the work, was assigned to the original maintenance workshop to learn to forklift, since he and the forklift forged a bond. The first time into less than half a square meter of the forklift cab, he secretly determined to do in this inch between the world. Eleven years, he worked hard, struggling, from a childish young people gradually grow into a fine style of technical experts.

“Forklift, but a technical work, to have a strong sense of the car, skilled driving skills and eye-catching hand, then see the old man driving a forklift in the workplace as flexible in the water, the heart do not mention how envy. “Recalled when the first contact with the forklift, Jiang Yucheng show something more to say.

At first, Jiang Yuncheng steering wheel instability, the wheels often hit Akira. As soon as possible to grasp the common sense of forklift operations, he spent all the time in the study of professional knowledge, modesty to the group of teachers who ask for advice, every day early to sleep late to study hard, while enriching the theoretical knowledge, he also strive to improve the practical skills, The implementation of forklift operation procedures, carefully implement the safe operating standards. In the morning he is always the first team to the venue to carry out the implementation of simulation exercises, has been trained to others to work before the car. Even the intermittent time, he did not give up, for a small action is a training for dozens of minutes. Kung Fu do not pay people, after several years of hard work, Jiang Yuncheng technology by leaps and bounds, cumbersome forklift in his manipulation, become like embroidery needle as flexible, driving forklift in the workplace in the free shuttle, and gradually became the workshop Forklift technology experts.

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“Forklift is not only skilled, but also need guts and skills. Some accessories are very expensive, may be a touch of light will cause a lot of damage in the fork of these accessories, it is not allowed to appear a flash.” Daily work, Jiang Yuncheng Pay attention to more observation. Forklift, accessories, forklift technical parameters, the geometric size of accessories, he can follow the way, which for him to do a good job to lay a solid foundation. Over the years of work experience so that he summed up the “more than four” operating experience, that is, “more to see, ask, think more, dry” to ensure safe and efficient work.

Jiang Yucheng driving their own forklifts like a child care and maintenance, every day before the start of the day carefully wipe the forklift, while doing parts inspection, fuel, oil and water to check. In the work, the forklift occurred “small problems” to deal with their own hands to ensure that the production tasks completed on time.

No pain no gain. In the face of achievements and honors, Jiang Yuncheng did not have any pride, he said, “I am just an ordinary worker, engaged in a common job, as long as down to earth, hard work, willing to do their best , Then no matter what job can achieve their own life value.

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