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BYD electric forklift favored by the paper industry

Recently, BYD ushered in the Guangdong Provincial Paper Association of the delegation of the delegation, BYD forklift business unit general manager Bi Guozhong warm reception of the guests to the guests to show the electric forklift green concept and excellent quality, won the unanimous recognition of guests, and is expected to take Under a new batch of forklift orders.

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Guangdong is a large paper-making province, paper production enterprises ranked first in the country. According to the needs of loading and unloading, the paper industry needs a lot of forklift, however, the traditional fuel forklift in the process of handling materials, the work environment caused a lot of emissions pollution and noise pollution. To this end, many papermaking enterprises are cutting from the transport links, seeking low-carbon development.

heavy duty pallet jack

Forklifts need to be used in high-load, long-term operating conditions, which has a very high technical and quality requirements.

1, BYD forklift equipped with the world’s leading iron battery technology and advanced motor, power management system, configure the OPS security warning, automatic leveling function, can be a good guarantee in the use of forklift in the process of security and efficiency;

2, unique fast charge, with the charge with the function, can be a good job to meet the needs of customers for a long time work;

3, in the use of indoor closed environment, zero pollution, zero emissions characteristics, can completely solve the paper industry logistics trucking field of forklift pollution problems, boost the paper industry to meet the circular economy and low carbon economy concept of sustainable development industry.

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In June this year, in the German Hannover International Logistics Exhibition CeMAT, BYD electric forklift with its economic, efficient, environmentally friendly, leading integrated technology, to win the global forklift field “Oscar” – IFO International forklift annual awards, fully demonstrates the BYD Electric Forklift leading strength.

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