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Breakthrough performance and security model

At the upcoming 2016 Shanghai CeMAT Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition (November 1 – 4), Linde Material Handling was invited to participate in the selection of the “Grammy” of the forklift industry – the first “China Industry Vehicle Innovation Award “(CITIA). The selection, Linde robbed robot Linde Robotics and Linde 1276 series 2.5-3.5 tons of electric balance forklift two products successfully shortlisted.

As we all know, Linde material handling has been to customer demand-oriented to provide innovative and efficient logistics solutions, after the formal implementation of the oil to electricity, but also for the majority of users developed more and better solutions, Linde 1276 series forklift (2.5- 3.5 tons of electric balance forklift) is a model, from the operational performance and security have a new breakthrough.

Optimize the speed of operation

In addition to the Linde standard dual pedal system, modular handle, its diversified battery replacement program allows the operation speed has been further optimized to improve, with comfortable and sensitive electronic steering system for the driver to provide the best operational comfort, combined with automatic In the function, to ensure traffic efficiency.

The car is also a big bright spot is equipped with Linde fleet management system Connected Solution, built drivers, managers, forklifts, events and links between the network, including multi-warehouse management, personnel authorization management, vehicle management, Security management and management report output and other powerful features, and consider the forklift drivers, grassroots logistics management and decision-making management of different concerns to help customers efficient lean logistics management.

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Safer and more efficient

In a more efficient case, Linde will not forget the importance of operational safety. Linde 1276 series of ride-mounted electric counterbalanced forklift are equipped with a speed assist system, in the indoor and outdoor operations to automatically speed limit, turn the corner can automatically slow down, effectively ensure the safety of traffic. Another automatic fire extinguishing system, to achieve a forklift self-protection mechanism, greatly improving the operating safety factor. And with Blu-ray warning system, adaptive lights automatically open the lighting system, orange three-point seat belt machine chain function and other security options, so that safe and secure operation.

In terms of safety, Linde 1276 series of electric forklift truck are equipped with a turning automatic deceleration function, in the turning process automatically reduce the forklift speed, to ensure traffic safety, but also according to user needs with blue light warning system , Orange three-point seat belt machine chain function and other security options, so that safe and secure operation.

Different from the previous, Linde material handling more to show Linde in recent years from forklift product manufacturers, to the integrated material handling solutions for the transformation of service providers. In addition to being invited to participate in two award-winning products – Linde Robotics Linde Robotics (W5 Hall-A2 area), and Linde 1276 series 2.5-3.5 tons of electric balance forklift (W5 pavilion – F1 area) carried out in detail Technology show, as well as the scene for the visitors to provide VR stereo cool experience.

In addition, Linde material handling will also participate in the same period organizers Hanover’s cold chain leader propaganda (W5 pavilion-M8), and “cold chain logistics change path” forum (W5 pavilion-M8), on the cold chain logistics Development published in-depth speech analysis, and interactive discussion. Linde Material Handling is looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai 2016 CeMAT Asia, climbing a new height in the development of logistics technology.

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