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Avoid weaknesses, to achieve universal components

Forklift as an industrial product, each brand is the same tonnage models, there are a variety of configurations, different parts manufacturers for product size, weight and so are different; and a company there are two or more forklift brand , The generalization of parts and components lower, as the forklift OEMs based on different brands of market positioning, the lack of universal strategy, there is no corresponding integration. Making the brand and the more models, the more types of parts required.

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To overcome these shortcomings, as long as the domestic forklift enterprises to establish a more stringent product quality assurance system to improve product traceability, increase product structure innovation, to overcome the core technical difficulties of the industry, their quality, will be able to forklift parts and components to avoid weaknesses.

China’s first forklift parts platform will be on March 6 on-line, the query system features confidential open, transparent, to achieve the platform of parts and components to accelerate the forklift parts of the general process.

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