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Asia Logistics Show grand opening – forklift “smart” sail

October 27th, Shanghai New International Expo Center, CeMAT ASIA 2015 Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition (referred to as: Asia Logistics Exhibition) grand opening. The Asia Logistics Exhibition is co-sponsored by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP), China Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), Hanover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Germany Hanover Exhibition Company.

Location of the exhibition hall

Asia Logistics Show has been held so far since the 16th, the four exhibition hall subdivision system integration and solutions, transportation equipment, automatic guided van, forklifts and accessories, lifting equipment and accessories, trays and shelves, automatic identification and machinery Visual, logistics robot eight theme exhibition, display area of ​​more than 47,000 square meters. As the Asia-Pacific region’s most well-known and professional logistics industry exhibition, the Asian logistics exhibition is not only the manufacturers and demand side of the exhibition, it is to lead the development trend of the entire industry business exchanges, special part of innovative products and unique technology can also take CeMAT ASIA International platform to be promoted.

Asian logistics exhibition site

Some of the forklifts in this exhibition industry exhibitors manufacturers, parts and integrated service providers list:

Machine manufacturers: Jungheinrich, together, Linde, BYD, Xiamen workers, Hai Maike, wishful, in force, Yi Ousi, Kyrgyzstan Xinxiang, Yu through, Suzhou Pioneer, Wuxi Dalong, storage, modern sea Lin, East Yu, mountain, afterburner, Zhuhai sea new, sea honey, South China Heavy Industry, Keli, Le Ji Teng and so on.

And the supporting manufacturers: Cascade, by Pu, Bo Xuniola Mao Mao, linkage with a, Trelleborg, Kalamatsu speed of up, Kohler, where the control, Yi Li Mai, Jin Chao Yuke, Hobeck, Happy, power, the media, the torch, Pei silver, four, days to, Wan Fulite, Po hair, Taiwan, Guangqing, Wanda, long time, Zhi made, Han Shang, Chao Yang, special electricity, Peng Yuan, force Fu special, horse brand tires and so on.

2.5t four wheel electric forklift material handling factory price forklift

In the industrial 4.0 era, intelligent automated forklift also came into being, enterprises to increase the efficiency, security concerns, the unmanned handling equipment demand has improved significantly. In this exhibition, with automatic navigation mature technology, such as Linde and Jungheinrich and other world-class manufacturers of style, or the first public display of AGV forklift products Ningbo wishful, Suzhou Pioneer and other domestic enterprises, stop to see the demonstration of the crowd has Explain everything. Combined with the exhibition “smart logistics – digital and automation” theme and “Made in China 2025” plan, the organizers heavy to build W3 intelligent logistics experience museum, Kunming ship heavy industry, Shenyang, the new pine and other wonderful gift of the wisdom of logistics.

Linde Showgrounds

Jungheinrich Outdoor Pavilion

Forklift industry into the post-market period, whether it is the host manufacturers, sales agents are in their own business scope to re-integration, get rid of a single product suppliers, vendors image, more focus on enterprise customer service capabilities and overall logistics solutions The The first public appearance of the joint industrial vehicle rental company can be said that the host manufacturers to increase the market after the forklift market strategic layout. The first “China forklift rental and post-market area” focused on the development of the growing Chinese forklift rental and post-market new force.

Together booth

At present, the national economy is in a profound transition period, the traditional economic pillar manufacturing industry will continue to be short-term in the short term, and our forklift industry also ushered in the development of the mark, the regional production-oriented enterprise production decline caused by forklift and other logistics equipment needs But the benefit of the overall logistics industry continues to increase the momentum of the logistics equipment market demand, coupled with the traditional logistics operations required cheap labor costs, forklifts in the internal logistics aspects of the role played by the more important. The market will always affect the property will determine the product, forklift companies are constantly in the product and technology to maintain innovation and adapt to these new attributes.

Market demand for forklift products is undergoing tremendous changes, the implementation of new standards for non-road emissions, end users concerned about the cost of using the products, these two key to high energy consumption and high pollution of traditional fuel forklifts and new gas or electric forklift Began a new market balance, and this show is the biggest bright spot in the new series of Xiamen electric forklift. The same is on the product structure adjustment, we forklift industry enterprises to increase investment in electric products at the same time, richer storage series is also an important trend.

Ji Xinxiang 3 tons of electric side forklift, 12 tons of electric forklift

BYD debut This exhibition of three pure electric forklift with zero pollution, zero emissions, high efficiency, low cost characteristics

Hai Maike has electric forklift core technology independent research and development of electrical transmission, hydraulic transmission, including electronic control system

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