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material handling - forklift, pallet jack


Pallet jack forklift fork truck pallet truck supplier manufacturer, we are already specilized in the business for more than 20 years, we have played a leading role in the manufacture and production of Chinese forklift industry. We constantly strive to develop and incorporated the latest advances in forklift design and technology to ensure that our products provide an optimum lever of performance, all the time. Our new generation L series of forklifts truly exemplifies this commitment to excellent.

The clearance between the steering axle and support rod can be adjusted, to improve the adaptability for ground.
The Pin of the tilt cylinder adopts a build-in grease fitting, which enables the grease fitting more dependable.
The high performance specific tires for forklift trucks increase the work life of tires much more.

Industrial vehicles are used to carry, push the top, traction, lifting, stacking or put a variety of goods to drive the power of motor vehicles. Including forklift: forklift forklift, forklift forklift truck, balance forklift, cross car, side fork; single bucket loader: tractor, trailer, chassis and so on. They are characterized by a wheeled trackless chassis equipped with lifting, conveying, traction or carrying devices, for swimming operations.

Logistics machinery and equipment is one of the main operating tools of modern enterprises, is a reasonable organization of mass production and mechanized water operations basis. For third-party logistics enterprises, logistics equipment is the basis of material and logistics activities, reflecting the size of the logistics capacity of enterprises. Logistics equipment is the material basis of the logistics system, along with the development and progress of logistics, logistics equipment has been improved and developed. Many new equipment in the field of logistics equipment, such as four-way tray, elevated forklift, automatic sorting machine, automatic guided van (AGV), container, etc., greatly reduced people’s labor intensity, improve the efficiency of logistics operations And the quality of service, reducing the cost of logistics, logistics operations play an important role in the great promotion of the rapid development of logistics.

Hydraulic truck with 4mm steel plate without breakpoint welding strength and reliable; hydraulic vehicle overall casting cylinder, cylinder descent speed from the impact of the impact; the use of imported seals, piston rod chrome; hydraulic vehicle internal relief valve to provide overload protection, Cost; rotary shaft connection using high-quality radial roller bearings, flexible not jitter; integrated casting wheel frame, and equipped with front and rear guide wheel, to protect the wheel with the impact of extended wheel life; cone-shaped arc fork design, Fast and easy access to the tray; hydraulic car parts are equipped with wear-resistant guide ring, to absorb partial load to extend the service life; handle fork with rubber pad, greatly extend the service life.

Forklift trucks are industrial transport vehicles, refers to the goods for the pallet cargo handling, stacking and short-distance transport operations of various wheeled vehicles. International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC110 is called industrial vehicles. Commonly used in the storage of large items of transport, usually using fuel or battery-driven.

First, the use of meaning
And the traditional sense of the use of forklift fork fork cargo pallet handling and stacking compared to a dedicated application can greatly improve the efficiency of the use of forklifts, reduce operating costs. (Forward / reverse), side / shift, push / pull, flip (forward / backward), separate / close (adjust fork spacing), telescopic and other functions , Which is the ordinary forklift fork can not complete the action.

Forklift special application of the application of the meaning can be summarized as follows:
1. High production efficiency, low operating costs.
Mechanized handling is shorter than traditional manpower handling operations, while reducing labor costs and costs and improving work efficiency. In the same handling cycle, the number of times the forklift is significantly reduced, the corresponding tires / gears / fuel consumption of the forklift are also reduced and the operating costs are reduced accordingly.
2. Operation safe and reliable, reducing the accident rate.
Designed and produced by professional forklift manufacturers for the different conditions of the industry are designed to have safety devices, in the case of abnormal folder (or fork) of the goods is not easy to fall, such as the folder with the holding device ( Carrying the goods, the tubing burst, the hydraulic system to maintain the pressure, the goods will not fall); side shift class with the end of the buffer device, etc., to reduce the accident rate.
3. Cargo loss is small.
With the help of special features such as clamping / lateral movement / rotation, the goods can be transported more safely or heaped or unloaded, and the cargo loss is minimized. The use of the fixture also reduces the frequency of use of the pallet (eg, without pallet handling), and the corresponding purchase and maintenance costs are reduced.

Mechanical forklift use Note:
At present, forklift manufacturing industry in the world’s largest and most promising market, has a certain development potential, while a series of industries such as forklift maintenance industry has become an indispensable new industry nowadays. Then the maintenance and maintenance can be divided into a forklift maintenance and maintenance of two forklifts.

Then the following maintenance work can be added when the routine maintenance program is carried out.
1, check the thermostat is working properly.
2, check the transmission shift is normal.
3, check the fan belt tightness.
4, check the diesel tank oil inlet filter has blocked the damage, and clean or replace the filter.
5, check and adjust the valve clearance.
6, check and adjust the hand, foot brake brake pads and brake drum gap.
7, check the generator and starter motor is installed firmly, and the wiring is clean and solid, check the carbon brush and commutator whether the wear and tear.
8, replace the oil in the oil pan, check the crankcase ventilation nozzle is intact, cleaning oil filter and diesel filter cartridge.
9, check the cylinder pressure or vacuum.
10, check whether the wheel installation is firm, tire pressure is attached to the requirements, and remove the tread embedded debris.
11, due to maintenance work and break up parts, when the re-assembly after the forklift road test.
(1) different degrees of braking performance, should be no deviation, snake line. On the steep slope, hand brake tension, can be reliable parking.
(2) listen to the engine in the acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no load, etc., with or without abnormal sound.
(3) Road test a mileage, you should check the brake, transmission, front axle housing, gear pump with or without overheating.
(4) fork lift speed is normal, with or without trembling.
12, check the multi-way valve, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work is normal.

Electric forklift summer use Note:
First, the characteristics of high temperature and humidity
High temperature, high humidity conditions, the temperature is high, hot weather, to the driver’s safety operations will also have a great impact.
1, high temperature engine cooling performance deterioration, the temperature is too high, so that the power, the economy deteriorated.
2, easy to produce water tank “boil”, fuel supply system blockage, battery “loss liquid”, hydraulic brake due to swelling and deformation of the cup, the tire pressure with the outside temperature and blasting.
3, high temperature, high humidity, the forklift parts of the lubricating oil (grease) easy to thinner, decreased lubrication performance, resulting in heavy load mechanical wear and tear increased.
4, due to higher temperatures, coupled with mosquito bites, the driver’s sleep affected, and thus prone to mental fatigue and heat stroke phenomenon is not conducive to safe operation.
5, thunderstorms more weather, because the road. Loading and unloading site with water, reduce the adhesion, easy to slip, affecting the forklift, personnel, cargo safety.

Second, driving instructions
1, into the summer before, in advance to prepare, release the engine, drive axle, transmission, steering machine, etc. in the winter grease, after cleaning according to the provisions of the summer filling grease.
2, clean the waterway, remove the scale of the cooling system, clear the radiator heat sink. Always check the tightness of the fan belt.
3, the appropriate adjustment of the generator regulator to reduce the generator charging current.
4, pay attention to prevent the operation of the engine overheating, always pay attention to the instructions of the coolant thermometer reading, if the coolant temperature is too high, to take measures to cool. To keep the amount of coolant, add attention to prevent the coolant boiling caused by burns.
5, to always check the tire temperature and pressure, if necessary, should be stopped in the shade, to be reduced after the tire temperature to continue operations, shall not use deflated or poured cold water way to cool down, so as not to reduce tire life.
6, to regularly check the braking performance, in order to prevent the brake master cylinder or pump bowl aging, expansion and deformation of the brake fluid vaporization caused by failure of the brake failure.
7, adjust the battery electrolyte density, and clear the battery cover on the ventilation holes, keep the electrolyte higher than the partition 10-15mm, as the case of adding distilled water.
8, before the operation to ensure adequate sleep, to keep energetic. Such as homework in the spirit of burnout, drowsy, unresponsive, etc., should immediately stop the rest, or cold water to cheer the spirit, to ensure that traffic, safe operation.
9, do a good job cooling work to prevent heat stroke.
Finally check to confirm the good parts before they can be put into normal use.


Maintenance of the hydraulic car properly will extend the service life of the van, maintenance inspection of the main oil, remove the air and lubrication.

Hydraulic car
It is best to check the oil level every six months. The new oil is injected into the rubber container below the liquid level of 5mm, when the oil must be in the lowest position. To replace the seal, the air may enter the hydraulic system, place the joystick in the lowest position, and then swing the handle a dozen times. Use motor oil or lubricating oil to lubricate the movable part. Also pay attention to the daily inspection and maintenance, inspection of the hydraulic car as much as possible to reduce wear and tear, need special attention to the wheels, axles, fork, lift and reduce the control. When the work is completed, the fork should be unloaded and lowered to the lowest position.


The goods can be divided into horizontal handling and vertical handling at the time of handling. With the compact body, the use of flexible, convenient and environmentally friendly is the necessary tool to meet the level of material handling. In general, the hydraulic car can be divided into manual hydraulic vehicles, semi-electric hydraulic vehicles and all-electric hydraulic vehicles.

Manual hydraulic car
Manual hydraulic car in accordance with its appearance is different, can be divided into manual hydraulic vehicles, high lift shear hydraulic vehicles and electronic scales, such as hydraulic vehicles. Manual hydraulic vehicles have a large carrying capacity, is one of the tools for short-distance transport of heavy objects, is driven by the hydraulic system to achieve the goods up and down, and by the human pull to complete the transfer operation.

All electric hydraulic car
All-electric hydraulic vehicle cargo rise and fall principle and semi-electric hydraulic car the same, the difference is that all electric hydraulic vehicles all operations are used power system, no human operation, is more time and effort of a handling tool.
Hydraulic vehicles are widely used in logistics, warehouses, shopping malls, workshops, schools, airports and so on.

Electric forklift refers to the electric forklift to operate, most of them are working for the battery. The battery is a battery, its role is to be able to store the limited power, in the right place to use. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electricity. Electric forklift battery is built in this battery. It is important to note that the battery is best not to cross! Because the internal battery is generally 22 to 28% dilute sulfuric acid. When the battery is being placed, the electrolyte can flood the plate and leave a little space. If the battery is placed horizontally, there will be a part of the electrode plate exposed to the air, which is very unfavorable to the battery plate, and the observation hole of the battery The top of the battery has an exhaust port connected with the outside world, so the battery horizontal discharge electrolyte is easy to flow out.

Electric forklift can be divided into: four-way electric forklift, electric pallet stacker, push electric stack stacker, electric tractor, three fork electric forklift forklift, four fulcrum forklift truck, forward electric forklift, three Mini forklift, ammunition counterbalanced forklift, cold storage dedicated electric forklift, electric explosion-proof forklift, walking balance forklift, electric oil drum stacker, three points of the pile stacking truck, the station crane, Fulcrum wide leg stacker, fork basket picking car, four point double stacker, electric tractor, picking cars and other electric series of material handling equipment.

Battery forklift is the battery as the source power, driving motor and hydraulic system motor, in order to achieve driving and loading and unloading operations. Electric forklift is a DC power supply (battery) as the driving force of loading and unloading vehicles in the new materials, new technology, the most important embodiment of the transistor controller (SCR and MOS tube) applications.It appears the use of electric forklift performance Has been greatly improved, in general, the electric forklift durability, reliability and applicability have been significantly improved, can compete with the internal combustion engine forklift.

Manual forklift is a high-lift handling and short-distance transport of dual-use vehicles, because it does not produce sparks and electromagnetic fields. Especially for automotive handling and workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, freight yard and other places of flammable, explosive and prohibited items loading and unloading transport. The product has a lift balance, flexible rotation, easy to operate and so on. The forklift itself is light and easy to operate. The car uses a mechatronic hydraulic station. High-strength steel fork structure, safe and reliable, durable. Low price, economical and practical.

1, manual hydraulic vehicle is an indispensable auxiliary tool for handling, pallet handling the most lightweight, the most important thing is that anyone can operate.

2, the shape of the tail handle appropriate, with a plastic handle clip, the use of particularly comfortable. The operator’s hand is protected by a strong protector. Hand can be easily manipulated to lift, drop and walk the joystick, pallet truck to use light, safe and comfortable.

3, anti-twisted steel structure, fork made of high tensile steel. The prongs are rounded and inserted into the tray to protect the tray from damage, and the guide wheel makes the fork smoothly inserted into the tray.

4, a solid lifting system, to meet most of the lifting requirements, according to the standard requirements galvanized. The pump cylinder is mounted on the heavy duty protection seat and the cylinder is chrome-plated. Low control valves and relief valves ensure safe operation and extended service life.
Manual hydraulic forklift
Manual hydraulic forklift atlas

5, the wheel is flexible, and equipped with sealed bearings, front and rear wheels are made of wear-resistant nylon, rolling resistance is very small, and a rubber, polyurethane or special tires for election.

6, hydraulic systems and bearings are completely free of maintenance, but in extreme cases, such as in humid environments or with high pressure hose flush, all bearings are equipped with filling holes for refueling.

Hydraulic manual push car ‖ CT type hydraulic lift platform ‖ COT type drum loading and unloading truck ‖ electric platform car ‖ semi-electric push car ‖ WAWP type hydraulic forklift

Electric hydraulic pallet truck

※ electric walking, hydraulic lifting;

※ light weight, low body, light operation, vision open;

※ frame design is strong, strong bearing capacity;

※ start smooth, motor output shaft electromagnetic brake;

※ large capacity traction battery, to ensure long work.

All electric pallet truck

※ electric driving, electric lift;

※ operation light, vision is open;

※ frame strong, strong bearing capacity;

※ variable speed, running balance;

※ large capacity traction battery, to ensure long work.

Model: CBY-2.0 CBY-2.5 CBY-3.0

Maximum lifting weight: 2000Kg Load center distance: 600mm

Fork minimum height: 85mm fork maximum height: 205mm

Fork length: 1150mm fork width: 530,680mm

Turning radius: 1525mm walking motor power: 1200W

Increased motor power: 800W Weight: 324

Travel speed (full load / no load): 3.6 / 5.4Km / h

High lift manual hydraulic forklift
Manual forklift
Manual forklift atlas

High lift manual hydraulic forklift is a high-lift handling and short-distance transport of dual-use vehicles, because it does not produce sparks and electromagnetic fields. Especially for automotive handling and workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, freight yard and other places of flammable, explosive and prohibited items loading and unloading transport. The product has a lift balance, flexible rotation, easy to operate and so on. Work safe and reliable. Is the ideal tool for reducing the labor intensity, improving the production effect and realizing the real loading and unloading.
Precautions / manual forklift

1. Before and after the forklift operation, should check the appearance, sound signal, starting, running, and braking performance. Fill the oil and cooling water.

2. Before the start, observe the surrounding, to confirm that no obstacle to traffic safety obstacles, the first whistle after the start.

3. forked items, should be adjusted on the two fork fork spacing, so that the fork load balance, not skewed, the side of the article should be attached to the shelf, the height of the load should not block the driver’s line of sight

4. Do not raise the fork too high when driving. Access to the job site or travel on the way, we should pay attention to the presence of obstacles on the scratch. When the load is running, such as the fork is too high, but also increase the overall height of the forklift truck height, affecting the stability of the forklift.

3. After unloading should first drop the fork to the normal driving position and then travel.

5. When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, should first signal, and prohibit high-speed sharp turn. High speed sharp turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tipping.
Buy / manual forklift

1, according to the job function to select manual forklift

The basic functions of the manual forklift are divided into horizontal handling, stacking / picking, loading / unloading, sorting. According to the business function to be achieved by the company from the company’s product line from the initial determination. In addition, the special job function will affect the specific configuration of the manual forklift, such as handling the paper roll, hot metal, etc., need to install a high car to complete the special function.

2, according to the job requirements to select manual forklift

Manual forklift operation requirements, including tray or cargo specifications, to enhance the height, the width of the work channel, climbing and other general requirements, but also need to consider the operating habits (such as custom driving or driving), operating efficiency (different models of their efficiency) Aspects of the request.

3, operating environment

If the enterprise needs to carry the goods or warehouse environment for noise or exhaust emissions and other environmental requirements, in the choice of models and configuration should be considered. If it is in the cold storage or in the explosion-proof requirements of the environment, the manual forklift configuration should also be cold storage or explosion-proof type. Consider the possible problems, such as whether the door when the door on the manual forklift whether there is an impact; access to the elevator, the height of the elevator and carrying the impact of the forklift; Whether the surface bearing the corresponding requirements, and so on.

4, site visits In the selection and determine the configuration, to the stacker car manufacturers to describe the details of the situation, and field investigation to ensure that the purchase of the stack of vehicles in full compliance with the needs of enterprises. Through this step can further understand the strength of suppliers, to strengthen the understanding of the purchase of products to determine whether the order.
Domestic foreground / manual forklift

The forklift is a kind of industrial handling vehicle, which refers to all kinds of wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transportation of goods, and is widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yard, factory workshops, warehouses, Distribution centers and distribution centers, etc., and can enter the cabin, cars and containers for pallet cargo handling, handling operations, is the tray transport, container transport essential equipment.

China’s forklift manufacturing industry from the fourth quarter of 2009 has been out of the plight of the decline in sales in 2010 in the domestic market to achieve a comprehensive recovery, and to the development of posture to show the strength.

According to the “China forklift manufacturing industry production and demand forecast and transformation and upgrading analysis report” data show that in 2010, China to achieve forklift sales (including exports) 232409 units, an increase of 67.31%. Of which electric balance truck rifle sales 22960 units, electric ride storage forklift sales of 7502 units, electric walking warehouse forklift sales 22280 units, internal combustion balance heavy fork 179667 Taiwan. I sold about 19 million units, compared with 111350 units in 2009 increased by about 70%; export sales of about 40,000 units, compared with 27555 units in 2009, an increase of about 60%.
Overseas market conditions / manual forklift

In 2007, China’s forklift sales reached 139,000, an increase of 30%; export forklift 47,000, an increase of 78%, exports accounted for about 34% of sales; and export growth to sales growth rate of 65%.

In 2007, global forklift sales reached 907,000, an increase of 10%. The share of consumption by region is as follows: Europe accounts for about 40% of the world’s forklift market, followed by North America (USA + Canada) market, about 21%; China’s share of the market has more than 11%; and the proportion of Japan does not exceed 10%; the rest of the world is close to 16%.

China’s internal combustion balance forklift “internal combustion counterbalanced forklift about 80% of sales, while the global forklift sales in the proportion of electric forklift more than 50%. This is because in Europe, the United States, Japan forklift market, electric forklift has become Mainstream products because of China’s lower environmental requirements, more frequent forklift operations, operating environment is relatively poor and operating costs and other factors, a longer period of time China’s forklift demand will tend to use internal combustion forklift.

In the global forklift market structure, Toyota and Linde far ahead, with annual sales income of more than 5 billion US dollars; and fork and fork in the domestic forklift market dominate the market, the total market share of more than 50%.

China’s forklift exports accounted for the proportion of overseas markets is still low, cost-effective advantages and export tax rebates leading to domestic enterprises export impulse and other reasons, the future of China’s forklift exports are expected to maintain a rapid growth rate, before 2010 compound growth rate of not less than 30 %. The next three years, the annual growth rate of domestic forklift sales is expected to remain at 20% or more, the dependence on overseas markets will increase. Exports have become the main driving force for sales growth.